September Block Lotto: Improv at 9

improv1Improv quilt-making is a lot like improv acting. It takes courage to step out without a script (or pattern in the case of quilt-making), but in the end the rewards are amazing!

The first rule of improv acting is say Yes, And. (There are rules to improvisation, who knew!) Agree with what the first person said and add to the story.

In improv quilt-making, just take a piece of fabric, choose another piece that goes with it and sew them together. Repeat and see where the quilt story takes you. Like improv theater, improv quilting is surprising and different every time.

improv3Let’s try the Yes, And  rule out with our September Block Lotto, Improv at 9. This fun block by Jenifer Dick of 42 Quilts is a wonderful modern update to the traditional 9 Patch. Get the tutorial here.

If you’ve never tried improv piecing before, this is the perfect block to try. The individual improv squares are just 2-1/2″ unfinished, so it takes just 2 to 4 scraps of fabric to complete each square. You’ll be finished before you even have time to get stage fright!

improv4Why not shake things up and add 4 or 5 improv squares to the block or try a different layout for a completely new look. Just have fun with it!

Here’s how the Block Lotto works:

  1. Each block you make and bring to the September meeting gets you one entry in the lotto. If you aren’t able to be there, you can send your blocks to the meeting with a friend.
  2. We’ll hold a drawing for those who entered and the winner gets all the blocks. If there are enough entries, IEMQG reserves the right to split the blocks between more than one winner.
  3. Winners must bring a completed quilt (or other project) to Sew & Tell in order to be eligible to win again, but may still contribute to the block pool each month.

improv2These blocks are going to make a fabulous modern quilt. I can’t wait to see your blocks. Best of luck to all entrants!


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