This Week 5/14/17

Hi Everyone!

Just in case we haven’t had to adjust enough this month, we are making some more changes to our May 20th meeting.

Kim Winger has had a health emergency and will not be able to speak with to us. We are sending her lots of love and quick healing thoughts.

A few things you need to know or remember for our next meeting:

  • Instead of listening to Kim speak, we will be thinking of her while making appliqued heart squares that will eventually be a quilt for her. This will also give us a chance to visit and get to know each other better.
  • Don’t forget to bring your Improv blocks for Block Lotto/Block of the Month.
  • Our spotlight quilter for May is Allison Glass, I always love learning more our memebers.
  • We are always looking for donations for our donation table. Bring us your donations and spend your money.
  • Our May raffle is this wonderful fabric (below) so bring your dollars.
  • Remember all monies collected go to build our growing group through activities and speakers.


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