Minutes General Board

January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting
January 10, 2017
Marie Calendar’s Restaurant, Ontario

Present: Pat Klassen, Gayle Bennett, Treasurer; Debbie Ulrey, Hospitality; Laura Greene, President; Cindy Chrisler, Secretary; Michele Nichols; Rachel McGee and Jessica Cook, Charity; Tricia Williams, Membership. Unable to attend: Donna Gaston, Block Lotto; Nicole Mundal, Programs (Nicole called in at 8:00).

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 and a majority of board members was established. The minutes of the November meeting were approved (Jessica/Pat).

New Business

There was too much content scheduled for the January general meeting. In future meetings, fewer games will be played; the number of Show and Share projects will be noted to allow adequate time; and the layout of the room will be changed to facilitate access to refreshments, the donation table, and raffle/for sale table.

When announcing a challenge, the parameters of the challenge will not be open for discussion at the general meeting.

The first IEMQG sit and sew for the year is scheduled for January 14 at the Ontario Museum. A Free Sew day is scheduled for February 18 at the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park in Highland from noon until 4. Members must check in at the entry gate. Parking is available. The room has electrical plugs along the walls and round tables. The March Sit and Sew is yet to be determined. Laura will contact Carolyn Friedlander about using her pattern for paper pieced houses and bring that information to the next board meeting. The board decided that “topics” for Sit and Sews would rotate between free sew, directed projects, and charity projects.

Officer Reports

Communications: Deb has posted pictures on Instagram of quilts shown at the last meeting. Jessica reported that IEMQG has a Facebook page set up by Laura Kong, but Jessica needs the password. Tricia was directed to send Jessica a copy of the roster so she can have the email addresses of all members.

Treasurer: Gayle reported that the Guild currently has $1547.93 in the checking account. National dues will need to be paid in January. Four members are on the rolls but have not paid their dues yet. At present, the Guild has enough money to pay for all required expenses for the year. Laura moved that we pay $550 for dues to the Modern Quilt Guild; second by Trish; motion carried. Fundraisers will allow the guild to have money for professional speakers, and some names were suggested. Michele Nichols suggested Latifah Saafir, and will have Nicole Mundal contact Latifah regarding speaker fees.

The checking account signatures need to be changed. Last year there were only two people authorized to sign checks. Three signatures will be authorized for the account this fiscal year. A motion was made to delete the names of Laura Kong and Gayle Bennet from the authorized signatures on the checking account and add the names of Laura Greene, President; Gayle Bennett, Treasurer, and Cindy Chrisler, Secretary for this fiscal year. The motion passed by unanimous consent (Pat, Deb).

Gayle will procure a state raffle registration from the State of California and will also file an Annual Statement of Information (California).

Secretary: no report

Membership: Tricia was directed to send the current roster to all board members. Pat was directed to send a list of guests at the last general meeting to Laura, who will send them thank-you notes for attending. Tricia was given the MQG pins and membership cards. Tricia was directed to provide a membership list every month to Pat for easier sign-in, and Tricia will sit with Pat to sign in members and guests at meetings.

Charity: Jessica and Rachel have devised a “reward” system for donations: for every 5 donations (quilts) received, they will have a prize drawing. Donations need to be declared prior to Show and Share (several members show a quilt and then say they will donate it to charity). Names of donors will be printed in the newsletter. Rachel needs more pick-up stick blocs for the next block lotto charity quilt. Rachel has a form for donated quilts which includes the value of the quilt.

Hospitality: The system of asking for volunteers to bring water and treats seems to work well.

Block Lotto: Jessica reported for Donna. There is still a problem of how to get directions for blocks to all members. Although the board had decided previously that there would not be a Block Lotto every month, Donna had not been informed. Laura will let Donna know that Block Lotto will be every other month.

Fundraising: the guild needs a volunteer to run the donation table that re-sells magazines, books, and fabrics to members. This volunteer will need to establish guidelines for donations and determine what is to be done with items that do not sell within an established time. A motion was made to spend $20 on a single item to be raffled at the next meeting to see how much money can be raised with a purchased item. After discussion, this motion was approved (Trish/Gayle).

Activities: MQG Region 1 will have an on-line meeting on January 14. Laura will attend to represent IEMQG. The quarterly SCCQG meeting is also on January 14, from 10 – noon in Rancho Cucamonga; Michele and Gayle will attend in person. The April SCCQG meeting is “meet the teachers” and Nicole will be encouraged to attend that meeting, which is held in Carson.

Open Positions: the guild still needs a VP of Communications to run the website and publish the newsletter. Laura will discuss this at the next general meeting. Laura also created a sample sponsorship form.

Deb suggested holding board meetings the same day as general meetings, immediately prior to the meeting. After discussing pros and cons, the board decided not to hold board meetings and general meetings on the same day.

Cindy was directed to check out other locations for board meetings. Suggestions included classrooms at a few Joann’s and Hobby Lobby locations.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30
Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Chrisler, Secretary

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