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January 2017 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting
January 7, 2017
Grand Terrace Community Center

President Laura Greene called the meeting to order at 2:00. A “Get to Know You” game was played.

New Business

Nicole Mundel, Program Chair, announced several activities. A Sit and Sew is scheduled for January 14 at the Ontario Museum, and up to 12 members can participate. There is a free lecture at the same museum on the 17th. Road to California is January 19 – 22, and Modern Quilt Guild has several webinars coming up.

Deb Ulrey will look into setting up an Instagram account for IEMQG. Members can link their accounts once it is set up. Jessica Cock will set up a Facebook page for IEMQG. Candy Scott moved that the Facebook page be an open page, second by Deb Gardner. After discussion regarding privacy concerns, the motion was passed with majority consent. The name of the page will be “IE Modern Quilt Guild.” The status of the account (private v. open) can be reevaluated and changed if needed.

Gayle Bennett, Treasurer, presented a general overview of the guild’s finances. Due to the number of members that renewed at this meeting, the guild’s financial obligations will be easily fulfilled.

Cindy Chrisler, Secretary, had no report.

Tricia Williams, Membership, will need to provide a current roster for MQG by January 31.

Pat Klasen, Greeter, reported that there are 28 members and 10 guests at the meeting today. She has requested that one or two members shadow her so they can sub for her when she is out of town on meeting days. Stu Mandel volunteered to assist her.

Rachel McGee and Jessica Cook, Charity, presented a recently completed quilt to Gwen Pawluk of Disabled American Vets. They will raffle the quilt to raise money for their cause. Gwen expressed her gratitude on behalf of her group to the IEMQG.

Hospitality next month will be provided by Gayle Bennet and Rachel McGee (water) and Cindy Chrisler, Debi Gardner, Marsha Schoh, and Sharon Bergh (snacks).

New Business

Laura announced that to celebrate Modernism Week, February 16 – 24, there will be trips from Palm Springs to the Sam Maloof house as well as other tours of modern architecture. Laura may try to organize an event for that week.

Laura proposed having a standardized name tag made for IEMQG members, such as a design printed by Spoonflower or machine embroidered. Annie Houston will look into this.

Laura would like guild members to advertise the guild at local shops, shows, and through other guilds. She will print bookmarks for members to distribute. Painted Lady in Redlands has bookmarks advertising the guild.

Members who participated in the “Rip ‘n Tear” game last month were challenged to make a quilt from their participation and bring it to today’s meeting. Four quilts were shown, ranging in size from wall hanging to twin size quilt.

Laura suggested a possible activity for a future meeting, where members would use phones or iPads and have a “tech time” at each meeting.
After the refreshment break, guild members played a game where they were divided into 5 groups and each group assembled a puzzle of a modern quilt. Nicole presented a tutorial on the one-seam flying geese block. Laura presented the first of quarterly challenges for IEMQG members. This challenge, due at the March meeting, will be to make a quilt in an animal theme. Guidelines will be in the newsletter and online. Entries may be displayed at the Grand Terrace Community Center or elsewhere to publicize the guild. This month’s featured “Famous quilter” is Elizabeth Hartman, who designs animal prints. Show and Share featured quilts by 12 members. Drawings for the door prize and raffle were held, and Jessica and Rachel awarded two prizes to members who donated quilts for charity.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30.


Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Chrisler, Secretary

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