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August 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting
August 14, 2017
Joann’s Fabrics Classroom, 4470 Ontario Mills Parkway, Ontario, CA

Present: Laura Greene, President; Gayle Bennett, Treasurer; Cindy Chrisler, Secretary; Pat Klassen, Greeter Tricia Williams, Membership; Candace Kimball, Raffle Chair; Cat Wallace, VP Progrmas (by the end of the meeting). Rachel McGee and Jessica Cook, Charity; Rachel Rogers, Media; and Donna Gaston, Block Lotto, were unable to attend. The meeting was called to order at 6:30.
The next sit and Sew will be held on Sunday, September 10 from 9 – 5 at the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community, 4040 Piedmont Dr. in Highland. All members are welcome to attend.

Treasurer: Sue Rasmussen, proposed speaker for the January meeting, usually charges $300 plus mileage for her presentation. She may reduce the fee or waive the mileage charge for our guild. Pat moved, second by Tricia, to contact Sue Rasmussen and negotiate a fee of no more than $300 to present her talk in January. The motion was approved by unanimous consent.
The guild currently has a balance in the checking account of $1569.78. Table sales and raffles at the last meeting netted $113. SCCQG dues and fees are due in September. Cindy moved, second by Pat, to approve the payment of $40 in dues and $3.25 per member in insurance fees to SCCQG. The motion was approved by unanimous consent.
Gayle successfully filed a 990N for the guild. This is the annual tax e-filing with the IRS for non-profits which gross less than $50,000/year.

MQG dues need to be renewed in December or January. Gayle will develop a new membership form for 2018. She suggested that we create a PayPal account so members can pay via PayPal. Gayle and Laura feel this will increase our membership. Members will still need to fill out a form, and Gayle will look into creating a fillable form via Adobe.

The guild’s fee structure was discussed. Cindy moved, second by Gayle, to keep the price structure as $40 for annual dues, $20 for half year dues, and $5 for guests on the second visit (first visit is free). The motion was approved by unanimous consent.
Communications: Rachel Rogers was unable to attend, but let Laura know that she is not able to maintain the website with as much complexity as she originally wanted. The website will be mostly informational, and links to Instagram, blogs, etc will be minimized.

Hospitality: Pat expressed concern about refreshments. After much discussion, it was decided that the guild will continue to provide water, and members will be asked to provide snacks. If we have snacks, that’s great; if not, we just won’t eat. Pat would like to encourage members to wear permanent name tags. She is running out of adhesive tags and will purchase more. The board decided to have door prizes exclusively for members who wear a permanent name badge, items to be selected from donations for raffle or sale by the guild. Pat will purchase double raffle tickets for this purpose, not yellow or blue, which are used for other raffles.

Sale Table: no report.

Charity: no report

Block Lotto: no report.

Raffle: After discussion, the board decided to sell the donated EQ7 program rather than raffle it, as the guild could make more money. Prices on various websites for EQ7 range from $150 – $190. Gayle will look into selling it on EBay. A ruler with a cutter has been donated; it will be saved for a raffle in January. The QuiltCut2 will be demonstrated at the November meeting during the “Quilt University,” and will be raffled at the December meeting. Candace still has 3 packages of fat quarters. Gayle received a donation of a bundle of fat quarters from a quilt shop in Paso Robles which will be used as a raffle prize, and Candace has a jelly roll which she will raffle in December.
Programs: In addition to adding the Quilt Cut 2 demonstration, Laura Greene will also demonstrate “wonky flying geese.” This will bring the number of demonstrations to 5. Cat graciously agreed to fill the office of VP for programs. Cat will present her program on longarm quilting at the September meeting. She will require an extension cord and a viewing screen for her power point presentation. The title of her presentation is “modern quilting in negative spaces.” She will also have three large quilts to show.

The Holiday Party (December meeting) will be held at the community room of the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park. The room will be decorated, so the guild will not have that expense. Cat will form a committee to plan the event; suggestions include LRC with fat quarters; an ornament exchange; a cookie recipe exchange; and cookies and finger food for refreshments. Tricia moved, and Pat second, that the guild spend no more than $200 for holiday meeting supplies. The motion was approved by unanimous consent.

The Transitioning Quilter and Spotlight Quilter segments, which were initially introduced to fill program time, are becoming unnecessary for all meetings. The next meeting that needs extra segments is in February. Marcia Shuh has agreed to present a talk on Marilyn Badger. Gayle will contact Marcia and ask if she will be willing to give that presentation in February. Laura Greene is the next Transitioning Quilter on the list.

Cat will contact Jessica Cook about making a 30 minute presentation on her miniature quilts, and then holding a miniature quilt workshop later the same month. This is a potential program for February 2018.
QuiltCon is coming up. The guild will consider asking members to attend on the same day and possibly meet for lunch at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Challenge: Go Big quilts are due in September. There is no venue for exhibition scheduled for this challenge. The next challenge, which will be due in March, will be Negative Space. Gayle and Laura will look for an exhibition venue for this challenge, such as the Upland Library. The guild will have three challenges next year, due in March, July, and October or November. The program for those months will be a member discussion of the submissions.

SCCQG: the next meeting is in October and the topic will be fundraising. Laura will attend on behalf of the guild and will take bookmarks.
The guild needs to form a nominating committee for officers for 2019.
The next meeting will be on Monday, September 18 6:30 at the Joann’s Fabrics in Ontario. Cindy will call and reserve the room.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Chrisler, Secretary

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