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September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting
September 18, 2017
Joann’s Fabrics Classroom, 4470 Ontario Mills Parkway, Ontario, CA

Present: Laura Greene, President; Gayle Bennett, Treasurer; Cindy Chrisler, Secretary; Cat Wallace; Pat Klassen, Candace Kimball, and Tricia Williams. Rachel McGee, Jessica Cook, Donna Gaston, and Rachel Rogers were unable to attend. The meeting was called to order at 6:30.

Treasurer: Gayle reported that the guild has about $1500 in the checking account. She will pay the SCCQG dues and fees soon. Discussion was held regarding new members that sign up in November. Cindy moved that new members that sign up in November will have their dues applicable to the 2018 fiscal year, and be able to attend the November and December 2017 meetings without charge. Second by Tricia and approved by unanimous consent. Gayle has updated the membership form for 2018. Tricia will email the form to current members, who MUST fill out a new form for next year. Gayle will look into developing a fillable PDF for the membership form. After discussion about various online financial services, Gayle agreed to set up PayPal and Venmo accounts for members who wish to pay online or via a phone app. Venmo is free; Paypal charges $0.40 plus a percentage of each transaction. The guild needs an email address; Laura will set up a gmail address for the guild. An email will be sent out to all members in October to let them know dues will be collected in November and December for the next year.

Nominating Committee: Aimee French and Tricia have agreed to be on the Nominating Committee, and were appointed by Laura to conduct the nominations process. Aimee and Tricia will need to recruit a non-board member to fill out the committee as per the bylaws. Laura reviewed the bylaws regarding the nomination process.

Raffle: Candace will have some fat quarter bundles to raffle at the meeting. There will be no sale table since the speaker will have a pop-up shop. There will be a drawing for those wearing a permanent name badge.

Programs: The October meeting is set with Sue Stone of Needle in a Fabric Stash making a presentation and bringing a pop-up shop. There will be no table sales; no one is sure where our extra sale items are, but they will be found and put out at a later date. The November meeting will feature five members giving mini-workshops.

The Holiday party is taking shape. That meeting (December 7) will be at the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park community room. The potluck will be a baked potato bar; members will bring a garnish or a side dish and we will play CLR for entertainment.

Programs for 2018 are: January: Linda Rasmussen; February: Jessica Cook on modern minis; March: Lynn Hanna on QuiltCon; April: Rachel Rogers or Aimee French will lead a discussion of the Go Big challenge; May: Pat Klassen, Transitioning quilter; June, birthday party and perhaps Natalie Barns, Beyond the Reef; July, Cat Wallace longarm demo; August, “craft du jour;” September, challenge discussion; October, Sue Stone; November, member university; December, holiday party.

Block Lotto: We need someone or several someones to do Block Lotto. Laura will ask members at the next meeting to volunteer for this position. Cindy suggested that a different member choose a block every other month to present to the guild.

Charity: no report

Secretary: Cindy may need to find someone to take minutes at the general meeting as she may be unavailable. She will find out for sure and contact Gayle or Laura when she knows for sure.

VP Communications: no report

Challenges: no report

Media (Facebook): no report.

Hospitality: Pat Klassen has two people signed up for bringing refreshments to the next meeting.

New Business: Kim Wingert sent the guild a thank you note for the quilt she was given. She used it at her last chemo treatment.

The next Sit and Sew will be on October 22 at the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park in Highland from 9 – 5.

The next meeting will be on Monday, October 16 at 6:30 at Joann’s Fabrics in Ontario. Cindy will reserve the room. Those who wish to get some dinner before the meeting will meet at the El Pollo Loco on 4th street about an hour prior to the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Chrisler, Secretary

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