Road to California Guild Attendance Challenge!

The Road to California 2018 Quilter’s Conference is nearly upon us!  The show will be held Thursday, January 18th through Sunday, January 21st.  Hours and location of the show are listed below.  This year the Road to California organization is offering local quilt guilds an attendance challenge.  Two $500 cash donations will be awarded to the guild with the highest gross numbers of attendees!    We’d love to win one of the prizes and in order for your admission to be counted, you must make sure to sign in with your full name and guild information (IEMQG) for us to receive credit!

Feel free to email us with any questions and thanks in advance for your help and participation!

Show location:
Ontario Convention Center
2000 E. Convention Center Way
Ontario, CA 91764

Show hours:
Preview Night Wednesday (exhibit hall only; no vendors)……..7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Thursday – Saturday…………………. 9:00 AM-6: 00 PM
Sunday…………………………………..10:00 AM-3: 30 PM

UPDATED information regarding the rules for the Road to California Attendance Challenge

The winning guild must provide a list of current paid members names in order to verify the number of members. No other contact information for the members is shared by the guild. When your members come to the show they will need to provide their name, email address and what guild they are a member of. This is done via an iPad.

Individuals that belong to multiple guilds can sign in once per guild.

We will be auditing the timestamps on the entries to ensure fairness and to ensure the actual individual is the one signing up for the attendance challenge.

Please tell your members that they must only sign up for themselves, and not for others who are not at the show.

Members who sign in must have a valid admission to the show, either wristband or paid registration fee. Upon auditing of the entries, Road to California reserves the right to omit entries that in its sole discretion are suspect.

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