Meeting Agenda – Saturday, January 6th

We look forward to seeing everyone at our meeting this afternoon!  Posted below is our agenda.

  1. Welcome and Local News
    1. Membership Renewal
    2. Road to California Attendance Contest
    3. Quilt Con
  2. Committee Reports
    1. 2018 Challenges April “Negative Space” September “Song Title”- Gayle Bennett         
    2. Website Improvements – Jennifer Adams
    3. Sit N Sew February 11, 2018 – Trish
    4. Quilt Display at Upland Library in March – Cat Wallace
    5. 2018 Programs – Cat Wallace
  3. Quilt Judging – Linda Rasmussen
  4. Break: Visit and Snacks
  5. Show and Share
  6. Raffle

Remember to bring your Show and Share, Name Tag, $$ for the Table Donations, Charity Items. Thanks for joining us.

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