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February/March Block Lotto – Paper Pieced Kite

We’re offering a head start on the February/March Block Lotto. Windy March days inspired this block. We’re “borrowing” the paper-pieced pattern from The Quilting Company website. We’ve requested and received permission and Gayle has printed copies of the pattern for us on paper-piecing paper for those that feel a bit tech-challenged downloading the kite pattern themselves. However, we encourage everyone to follow this link to download the entire {and adorable} baby quilt pattern and print your own.  While you’re there, you can check out the other wonderful patterns available on the Quilting Company’s website!

There are two different kites in mirror image – you can do one of each or choose the right or left flying kite. Remember, each block is an entry for the monthly and annual raffle. Plan to use a light blue for the sky and your choice of solids and/or prints for the kite. If you want, use the downloaded pattern to add a tail to your kite(s).

If you’ve never tried paper-piecing, I think you’ll discover that it is both challenging and allows precision points.  You can find numerous tutorials on YouTube to get you started . We’ll also be offering in person assistance at the February 11th Sit and Sew (make sure to RSVP if you haven’t already to Trish on the post found on our website here).

The raffle winner gets all the kites at the March 3rd meeting.  Happy quilting!