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April 2018 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
April 7, 2018
Grand Terrace Community Center
22795 Barton Road, Grand Terrace, CA 92313

Meeting called to order by President Laura Greene at 2:05 pm

Announcement – Please bring mini-quilts to June meeting for exhibition at The Klatch Coffee at 8916 E Foothill Blvd, Ro Cucamonga, 91730. 24” sq. or less. Modern. Sleeve is constructed from 9” fabric. Please refer to website for specifics. The idea of selling the quilts on display will be explored.

Welcome – Warm-up. “I think spring quilts must have bright colors and bold shapes”. The audience assembled into 4 groups ranging from extreme “yes” to extreme “no” to discuss statement. Cat talked about “sunshine yellow” and that was the hidden phrase to win the warm-up gift.


Committee Reports:

Program Announcements (Cat Wallace)
May meeting: Presenters are transition quilter (Cat) and spotlight quilter (Carlene)
June meeting: Natalie Barnes (Beyond the Reef) will do her trunk show
July is Cat doing her talk on “Nevertheless, She Persisted”, as given at the Women’s History Month, Upland Library.
Next Saturday, in 1 week is “Meet the Teachers” presented by SCCQG. It is in Carson. All are welcomed, please see SCCQG’s website for details.

Challenge (Gayle Bennett)
Song Title Challenge: at the break, you can draw your song title for the challenge or for a $5 donation you can re-draw another song title. The challenge should be inspired by the song title or lyrics, album cover and even musician.

Retreat: October 19, 2018, Friday 10:00am-Sunday 4:00pm. “Gather at the Hive” in Fallbook. $156.25 plus meals. Sleeps 16. www.gatheratthehive.com. See interest sheet at the sign-in desk.

Block Lotto (Shelley Wardrop)
A new challenge was started called “Magic 8” Half Square Triangles constructed with 8 triangles from two 12” square cut fabric. One bright/bold and one neutral solid. Jennifer will have instructions on the website as soon as possible.

Sit and Sew (Tricia Williams)
April 22, 9:00am-5:00pm. Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community Clubhouse. Bring any needed extension cord. Will order pizza, bring a salad or dessert to share.

Upcycling Fundraising Event (Becky Brekke)
August meeting is being moved to Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community Clubhouse. Please start bringing items of donation to the general meeting to be sold at the fundraising event. Requested items for donations are fabric (please mark yardage), quilting and sewing tools, small completed items like runners, placemats, totes, bags. Crafting supplies. We will have a baked goods table too so please bring your donations of baked goods for sale.

Refreshments – Sign In (Pat Klassen)
We had 25 members and 4 guests
Need a little help in volunteers remembering to bring snacks for the month they signed up for.

Break: Visiting and Snacks


Negative Space Challenge (Critiqued by Linda Rasmussen). 16 quilts were submitted for review. Each owner explained in a few sentences what we needed to know about the quilt: inspiration, interpretation, construction. Then Linda evaluated the quilt as though she was reviewing it for a show. Mike Graves was kind enough to photograph the event. Pics will be posted on website.

Show and Share

Fat Quarter Raffle (Candace Kimball) winner is Shelley
Name Tag Raffle (Pat Klassen) winner is Candace

Meeting adjourned at 4:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Candace Kimball

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