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August 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
August 20, 2018, 6:00 pm
JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts, Ontario, CA

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm by Laura Greene, with the following members in attendance:  Laura Greene, Cat Wallace, Gayle Bennett, Jennifer Adams, Becky Brekke, and Tricia Williams.

Committee Reports
Programs – Cat Wallace

September meeting – Linda Rasmussen has confirmed that she will be at our meeting to curate our song challenge creations.

November meeting – Member University.  Laura Greene will do a presentation on using the MQG website; Jen pointed out that the website is undergoing major changes this month.  Tricia Williams will demonstrate the Accuquilt Go! fabric cutting system.  Cat Wallace will demonstrate Quick Curve Rulers since we are not sure that Pat is comfortable doing that.  Cat will talk to Christina Williams about sharing some information about working with decorative threads.

December Holiday Party – At the September general meeting, Cat will ask members for ideas about what activities they’d like to have at the party. Cat is already planning to play Left-Right-Center, but this time playing for decorative threads.  She’s also thinking of playing Quilters’ Bingo.  We need prizes for Quilters’ Bingo. We still have plenty of plates, etc. from last year.

Cat suggested two ideas for next year’s challenges – “Inspired by Tradition” and “Two Color Challenge.”  We agreed to both, and plan to do the two color challenge in April.

January – Linda Sullivan has confirmed for her Colourwerx Truck Show.

February –Tricia Williams will do a spotlight quilter presentation and Cathleen Wallace will do a transition quilter presentation.

March – Alison Cutler will do a transition quilter presentation.

April – Linda Rasmussen has confirmed that she will curate our April challenge.

May – Women’s History presentation by Kim Wingert, with Cat as backup if Kim is not available.

June – Third Birthday.  Cat has tentatively scheduled Becky McDaniel, but she is not necessarily a modern quilter, so Cat will find out if we can get Mel Beach instead.

July – Christine Sharp will do a transition quilter presentation.

August – Trunk show by Cat Wallace.

September – Linda Rasmussen has confirmed that she will curate our September challenge.

VP Communications – Jennifer Adams

Jen reported that there is a new member portal for the MQG website. She will create a sheet about the new method to log on to the MQG website.

Treasurer – Gayle Bennett

Gayle gave a brief financial update. We have enough money in our account to pay for the retreat, SCCQG dues, and insurance.  She reported that there are discrepancies in the money from the Thrilling Threads workshop and we discussed who had paid.  Gayle will double-check her records. There was one person who had paid for the workshop ahead of time who could not attend because of a family medical emergency. We agreed that she should be reimbursed because we only paid the speaker for those who attended.

Gayle reminded us that submissions for the Ontario Museum display need to be in by 3:00 pm on Monday, September 15.

Secretary – Tricia Williams

Tricia asked for clarification on submitting the minutes; it was agreed that she will send drafts of minutes to all board members for approval before Jen posts them on our website.

Becky Brekke – Upcycle Sale Event

Becky clarified that the sale will be from 10 – 4 on October 6.  Tricia will reserve the clubhouse from 9 – 5 so that we have time for setup before and cleanup after.  We agreed that we will not have a business meeting at this event, and we will also skip show and share.

Laura said that she has not been able to get a list of member guilds from SCCQG to Upcycle Sale flyers to.  Jen will send flyers to guilds in Southern California based on a list on the internet.  Tricia will find out about advertising the sale in the Mountain Shadows newsletter; she will also put an ad on Craigslist and find out about advertising in the Highland Community News and in the Pennysaver.

Since Becky will not be able to attend the September meeting, Jen will ask for volunteers to help with the sale, and will pass around a sign-up sheet.  Jen will also collect any items donated for the sale.

Gayle will bring a cash drawer and our Pay Pal swiper to the sale.

We will meet at Becky’s house on September 29 at 10:00 to help her price the sale items.


Cat Wallace will take donated quilts to Amy for distribution.  Cat will get the labels and other materials from Amy.

New Business

Laura said we would put-off working on the Bylaws and discuss job descriptions.

We discussed and fine-tuned the job descriptions of the various board member and committee chairman positions.  The information will be posted on the website for further discussion.  We agreed that the descriptions should include an estimate of the amount of time required for the duties.

Membership chairman duties will be returned to the Treasurer so that she can more easily keep track of who has joined and who has paid.  Tricia will turn the records over to Gayle.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Tricia Williams, Secretary


IEMQG General Meeting Agenda

September 1, 2018 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Community Center, Grand Terrace
22795 Barton Rd, Grand Terrace, CA 92313

  1. Welcome (Laura)
    a. Warm up – “Emotions drive my completion of quilts.”
    b. Nominating Committee announced
  2. Committee Reports (Cat)
    a. Program Announcements
    i. October meeting – Upcycling Event at Mountain Shadows
    ii. November meeting – Member University at Mountain Shadows
    iii. December meeting – Holiday Party at Mountain Shadows
  3. Quilt Exhibits (Gayle)
    a. Ontario Museum of History & Art
    b. SCCQG at Road to California
  4. Upcycling Event (Jen)
  5. MQG Website Changes (Jen)
  6. Block Lotto (Shelley) – Announcement of October block
  7. Hospitality – Refreshments Sign-up (Pat)
  8. Break – Visit and Snacks
  9. Program – Song Title Challenge (Cat)

10. Raffles – Fat Quarter Raffle (Alisa) and Name Tag Raffle (Pat)

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