Block Lotto

November 2018 Block Lotto – No Waste Flying Geese

This is my version of following the online tutorial here. There are quite a few tutorials out there for this version of flying geese, but I liked this one best.  I tried the Eleanor Burns method and I didn’t care for it – mostly because I like matching things. I’m a quilter after all.

This month’s Block Lotto makes four [4] flying geese in about as much time as you can say honk!  It was REALLY fast – and like the title says – with VERY little waste! Choose a white/cream for background fabric and anything you want for your geese.

Step 1. I cut squares – one 5 ¼” for the geese and four 3” for the backgrounds. Yep, her tutorial says to cut 2 7/8” squares, but I don’t like squinting to line up the little tiny 1/8” marks on my rulers. Then I marked my smaller squares with a faint diagonal line.

Step 2. At the machine, stack two small squares on the larger square like this and sew ¼” away from each side of the line.

Step 3. Press and cut between the stitching lines. Then press again with seams towards background fabric.

Step 4. Back at the machine with the two unused small background squares, position and sew on each side of the line.

Step 5. Cut between stitching lines and press again with seams to background fabric.

Flying Geese!!!

Step 6. Trim to 2 ½” and 4 ½”. I make my first cut ¼” above the point of the geese, but trim away. This was all the waste I had from this little project. Pretty accurate description, I’d say!

A printed version of the instructions above can be found here (must have a pdf viewer installed).