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January 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Agenda
January 22, 2019
JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, Ontario, CA 91764


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Tricia, Jennifer, Cat, Laura, Pat, Simone, Ruthann and Becky. 

Old Business:

Committee Reports:

VP Programs – Tricia

February’s program will be presented by one of our own members, Lynn Hanna. Lynn will be conducting a hands-on creative demonstration project with paint. Lynn is in need of supplies such as children scissors and bandanas. Trish will ask Lynn for a complete supply list and we will let members know to bring a change of clothes and/or an apron. Trish will also ask Lynn for a description of her presentation for social media posts.

VP Communications – No new business

Treasurer – Cat

Cat discussed the bank balance and confirmed reconciliation of the account. Cat noted that our MQG fees are due no later than March 31, 2019. A motion by Trish and seconded by Jen, to pay the MQG dues at the end of February was approved. It was agreed to table any motions for future expenditures until the March board meeting.

It was confirmed that Marilyn has all the records to complete the audit and will provide written confirmation when it has been completed.

Secretary – No new business

Fundraising / Exhibits – Laura

Laura brought the coasters and tree table runner that will be produced by the guild members at the Sit and Sew and on their own. A supply list will be posted on the websites and social media sites. Laura emphasized the need to advertise that a percentage of proceeds from the sale of the coasters, tree table runner, baby quilts, etc., will be donated to a charity. We also need to determine what charity will receive the percentage of proceeds – either a new charity or the charities we are already committed to working with this year.

Laura will bring one (1) opportunity basket to the February and March meetings. There will be a total of four (4) baskets to be raffled off, one (1) each quarter. We also have three (3) Colourwerx patterns and one (1) Colourwerx pin that could potentially be raffled off in the future.

Upland Library Exhibit – Need to inform the members that they need to bring in their modern quilts to the March meeting for the March exhibit.  The quilts will be returned at the April meeting. We should emphasize that no forms are required and that there are no size restrictions.

Chaffey Museum of Art – Modern quilts will be collected at the May meeting. The exhibit, ‘Splashes of Color and Space’ runs from May 23 – July 20, 2019. More details regarding exhibiting and size requirements will follow at a later date.

Laura suggested that a committee for exhibits be formed next year.

Membership – Ruthann

Ruthann confirmed that the membership roster matches the website. After the February general meeting, Ruthann will provide the current paid membership roster to Cat as of that date.

Raffle – Alisa

Need to find out how many FQ’s are left for raffles – Alisa, please confirm. It was suggested that Alisa could reach out to fabric manufacturers for donations. Laura will follow-up with Alisa. Cat requested that raffle money and opportunity basket money be kept separate for accounting entry purposes.

Welcome/Refreshments – No new business

Block Lotto – No new business

Charity – No new business

President – Gayle

Retreat – Gayle will hand off retreat duties to Trish. A few options were brought up and Trish will investigate further and will go over options at the next board meeting. We tentatively decided on the first week in October but this time frame will be revisited once we have secured a location.

The guild is continuing to actively pursue finding a new meeting location. A few locations were discussed. Members were tasked with making calls regarding fees, availability, food/drink restrictions, allowing raffle sales, etc. : Pat – Rancho Cucamonga Library; Jennifer – Riverside Library; Simone – Janet Goeske Center and Becky – Fontana Lewis Library.  Becky to also reach out to Grand Terrace to confirm room availability for the remainder of the year.  Discuss again at our March board meeting.

New Business:


Gayle, Trish, and Cat attended the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds quarterly meeting, ‘Nuts and Bolts’. The meeting was an interactive discussion of meetings, what works, how to solve problems and/or streamline your meetings.  Guilds who have success with their meetings were encouraged provide tips and tricks to share to help others run their meetings efficiently.

Opportunity Quilt

Cat has agreed to chair this committee. She welcomes any and all ideas. No timeline has been established yet.

Next Meetings

Please note for the month of February, we are combining three events in one day: Sit and Sew, Board Meeting, and General Meeting: 9am-12pm Sit-and-Sew; 12pm-1pm Board Meeting & Working Lunch; 2pm-4pm General Meeting. Agendas for both General and Board meetings are as follows:

February General Meeting Agenda

2:00-2:05pm Welcome Gayle
2:05-2:30pm Program Part I – Lynn Hanna Trish
2:30-2:45pm Guild Business:

April Game Challenge Quilt

Programs Update

Chaffey Museum and Upland Library Exhibits





2:45-3:00pm Break – Visit & Snacks All
3:00-3:30pm Program Part II – Lynn Hanna Trish
3:30-3:40pm Raffles Alisa
3:40-3:55pm Show & Share Gayle
3:55-4:00pm Announcements & Adjournment Gayle

February Executive Board Meeting Agenda

12:00-12:05pm Welcome Gayle
12:05-12:10pm Budget 2019 – Expense Review/Balance Cat
12:10-12:25pm Retreat 2019 – Review of Locations & Discussion Trish
12:25-12:35pm Fundraising

Chaffey and Upland Library Exhibits



12:35-12:45pm Programs – Review of Calendar/Upcoming Events Trish
12:45-12:55pm New Business – March General Meeting Agenda Gayle
12:55-1:00pm Announcements & Adjournment Gayle


The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Brekke, Secretary