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February 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Agenda
February 2, 2019
Mountain Shadows Community Clubhouse
4040 Piedmont Drive, Highland, CA 92346


The meeting was called to order at 11:55am by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Tricia, Jennifer, Cat, Laura, Pat, Ruthann, Kelley, Jessica, Rachel, Alisa and Becky.


Old Business –
Committee Reports:

Treasurer – Cat

Cat discussed the bank balance and went over both future revenue and expected expenses for the coming year.  Cat confirmed the audit is complete and she will present the audit report at the March meeting. In addition, the budget presentation will also occur at the March meeting.  We also discussed that the Treasurer records from June 2016 thru Dec 2018 that are in binder separate from Cat’s ‘working’ one.  We did touch on establishing a retention policy as far as how much and how long we keep hard copies or convert to digital ones.

As Cat will be the Chair for the Opportunity Quilt, we discussed this next. It was determined that we will need a committed committee to take the quilt around to be shown at various locations.  We decided that the tickets should feature a photo of the quilt and we should also purchase 4×6 postcards with a photo of the quilt to pass along. We need to utilize social media by posting quilt photos on the website, Facebook and Instagram. It was determined that we will need a heavy duty frame for displaying the quilt.  We debated on whether we should count on donation of batting and fabric material or include those items in our budget. We agreed that the quilt needs to be at least queen size. We all need to bring our ideas on the pattern to Cat and it goes without saying that the quilt must be modern and appeal to as many people as possible. It was suggested that we contact designers to see if they want to donate fabrics. We thought it would be a good idea to contact past program speakers such as Natalie Barnes, Colourwerx, Orange Dot, etc.  Due to the massive undertaking of producing an Opportunity Quilt, it was agree upon that this would be a project for next year, 2020.  A budget for the outlay fabric, backing, batting, and frame as a minimum need to be included in the budget. Cat reminded us that the Guild buys the fabric upfront. It was estimated expenses would be about $500. Jessica moved to allot $500 for the opportunity 2020 budget. Trish seconded the motion. Motion passed.

VP Programs – Tricia

Tricia discussed retreat options, such as the Campbell House and Big Bear Craft Cottage. Jessica offered to assist Trish as she has a lot of experience in organizing retreats.

Unfortunately, the Nunnery in Temecula will not be an option this year as there are no weekends available. Gayle asked Tricia to call and ask what year would they have a weekend available for us?

Our fallback can be The Hive, but if we decide to book this location again, we really need to do so very soon.  Last year we booked in April and at that time they only had 2 weekends left open in October. This year, we will also open the retreat to day quilters only, in addition to regular overnight attendees. Plan is to book a location sometime in March.

March – Transitional Speaker

Alison will be the Transitional Speaker. Trish to follow-up with her to confirm the length of her presentation – probably 45 minutes would be sufficient.

April – Board game challenge

Gayle announced that members can opt out of their quilt to be curated. Curated quilts will have number assigned and the non-curated quilts will not. Jessica will help put up the quilts. She has also been asked to form a quilt hanger committee that she will chair for this specific event.

Trish will contact Linda Rasmussen to confirm she will be available in April to curate the Board Game Challenge. As this will be the third time Linda has curated our challenges at no charge, the board would like to show our appreciation by including an Amazon gift card with her Thank You card (to be sent by Becky). Trish motion that Cat purchase a $100 gift card for Linda. Jen seconded the motion. Motion passed.

VP Communications – No new business

Secretary – No new business

Fundraising / Exhibits – Laura / Jessica

As we have proposed that we want to donate a percentage of our fundraising revenue, we still have yet to determine which organization to donate it to. Some suggestions were Ruth House, Youth Hope, or the other charities we have committed to donate quilts to this year. We all thought that it was a great idea to have someone from each organization come and talk to the guild and give a presentation on what they do in anticipation of our boutique sales and to encourage donations.  As nothing has been scheduled for October, and it is prior to boutique season, we have tentatively scheduled this program for that month. We thought a good name for the program would be ‘Showcase of Charity Partners’.

Upland Library – Laura will be presenting, ‘Visionary Women: Resolving Life’s Issues and Story Quilt’ on March 5 from 6pm -7:15 pm. The presentation will delve into the concept of chapters of quilting; chapters of life.  Laura presentation will also include a slide show and she welcomes our members stories and their quilts based on the same.  Quilts will be hung and modern and large quilts are preferred.  Laura will inquire with her contact at the library regarding advertising for this event.

Chaffey Art Museum – Laura has applications for the exhibit running from May 23 – July 20 at the March general meeting.

Charity – Rachel

Rachel needs more IEMQG quilt labels from Spoonflower. Laura has the purchase form from the last time they were ordered and will send to Cat. Cat will order 2 yards per Rachel’s request. Members may be able to buy a label for $1.00 for personal use. However, if a member is donating a quilt, the label will be provided free of charge.

Membership – Ruthann

There are 19 members who still need to pay for their membership due for this year. In April, they will be removed from the roster if they still have not paid.

Raffle – Alisa

Alisa only has 5 months worth of fat quarters left for raffles. It was suggested that Cat purchase another box of fat quarters. Laura motioned to use $125 from the supplies account to purchase a box of fat quarters for the raffles. Pat seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Social Media – Kelley

Kelley asked that we send any and all ideas to her regarding announcements, memes, topics, etc. to be posted on our social media platforms.

Welcome/Refreshments – No new business

Block Lotto – No new business

New Business – 

 Template Forms

The need to create templates forms for advertising, quilt exhibits, opportunity exhibits, etc. was brought up. We will work as a group to create these types of forms. We may already have these type of templates on the Google Drive and this will need to be confirmed.

Marketing Material

We discussed the need for new marketing material to hand out for more exposure in the community.  We thought that flyers, bookmark type (4/page) and 4×6 postcard type would be most economical. should be printed out to hand out for more exposure. Alisa has a friend who is a graphic designer that she thinks may be willing to help us design the flyers and postcards.  If she can do this, she will need our logo and should email Alisa the flier bookmarks. It was decided not to include any addresses, instead include information directing them to our website and FB/IG sites.


The next meeting will be on March 2, (prior to the general meeting) at the La Sierra Library, 4600 La Sierra Avenue, Riverside, CA 92505 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

The March board and general meeting agendas are as follows:

Executive Board Meeting

12:30-12:35pm Welcome
12:35-12:40 pm Treasurer: Annual MQG fees paid?

Bank balance report

12:40-12:55pm Retreat 2019 – Review of Locations & Discussion
12:55-1:10pm Fundraising

Chaffey Exhibit

1:10-12:25pm Programs – Review of Calendar/Upcoming Events

Linda Rasmussen for April

Women’s History Presentation for May

Birthday Speaker for June

1:25-1:30 pm New Business –

Agenda items needed for Apr meetings?

1:30   Set next meeting date – Adjournment

General Meeting

2:00-2:05pm Welcome
2:05-2:15pm Ice Breaker
2:15-2:35pm Guild Business:

Present budget to membership for final approval

Announce that financial audit is completed

April Game Challenge Quilt

Fundraising, Upland Library, Chaffey Museum Exhibit

Any other Board or Chairperson announcements

2:35-2:50pm Break – Visit & Snacks
2:50-3:35pm Alison Cutler – Transitional Quilter
3:35-3:40pm Block Lotto Drawing


3:40-3:55pm Show & Share
3:55-4:00pm Announcements & Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brekke, Secretary