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June 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2019
Held at the home of Shelley Wardrop – Riverside, CA

The meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance:  Shelley, Cat, Jennifer, Laura, Simone, Ruthann, and Becky.

Gayle welcomed everyone to the meeting and wanted to start right away as we had a full agenda tonight.

Old Business:

Committee Reports:

Treasurer, Cat

Bank balance reviewed; Cat shared cash available for the Guild’s use and gave out handouts, Income & Expense and check register reports. She had questions about the frequency of our website operation billing and renewals. Jen advised some bills were yearly and others bi-yearly.  Jen said she would email Cat a list of the website related billings and renewal dates.

Cat told us that we have about $200 left for program (speaker) money this year. However, after our July fundraiser sale, she will announce how much we made and add that money to the program fund and we may be able to have enough for yet another speaker.

Fundraising, Laura

Laura said the ‘List of Items’ needed that she put together and announced at last month’s general meeting was a great motivator for members to start making more craft fair items. We need to continue posting on Facebook as interest has grown and people are making the items and posting them.  We still need baby quilts and table runners. The list will be updated again as required.

Craft fairs scheduled are:

July, 2019: Rummage sale ($10)

Oct 12, 2019: Holiday Boutique at Mountain Shadows Community Center from approx 10am-4pm (no charge)

Dec 4, 2019: Kris Kringle at the Ontario Senior Center from 8am-12pm ($15)

Ruthann mentioned that we should keep in mind an event in her neighborhood for April 2020, the last Saturday of the month for their yearly neighborhood garage sales on Wood St (south of downtown Riverside). We could set up tables at her home to sell craft fair items.

Next month for the rummage sale we will be selling fabrics: fat quarters, 1/2 yards, yards, etc. Other leftover items from the Upcycle sale from last year will be used for this event and the holiday boutiques. We will meet on July 13th Jen’s house to package up the fabric and price them. Time to be advised.

Opportunity Quilt, Cat

Cat handed out the Opportunity Quilt Project Timeline sheet to everyone. She asked if we should put forth the extra effort to have the Opportunity Quilt completed by the proposed December 2019 timeline. It was agreed upon that the schedule Cat put together looks do-able. Laura motioned that we go forward with the opportunity quilt to be completed by December 2019 and be raffled off in December 2020. Shelley seconded the motion, and everyone present was in favor.  Motion passed.

Cat will donate the batting; but she still needs backing. $200 was budgeted but the Board can review again if more funds are required.  Once the HSTs are returned to Cat she will make a design wall and start designing the blocks with Pat’s assistance.  There will be several sit and sews scheduled in the coming months to assist in finishing the quilt top.

It was decided that we would not need to purchase a quilt stand at this time.  Members will need to pitch in and show and take the Opportunity Quilt to different guilds, Road to California and sell tickets. Ticket price discussion will be tabled at a later date.

Cat and Gayle explained that another reason for pushing forward on the Opportunity Quilt is that we would like to show the quilt and sell tickets at Road to California 2020. In order to do so, we need to complete the required forms prior to December 1, 2019 (or you forfeit your table) and the guild must volunteer 20 hours (we figured, 10 members for 2 hours) of white glove service each day the quilt is displayed.  Please go to http://road2ca.com/raffle-quilt-s.html for additional information.

Dora Cary Workshop Issue

Cat led the discussion on the Dora Cary mishap where she was scheduled for a lecture and workshop at Mountain Shadows without anyone recalling/realizing there was workshop portion until a couple of weeks prior to the scheduled general meeting date. No one could find any minutes on record that the Board voted to hire Dora for a lecture and workshop. Cat contacted and emailed Dora and fortunately, Dora was very understanding about cancellation of the workshop. We came to the conclusion that this happened in the transition of positions from Cat to Trish and then again from Trish to Shelley.  No blame placed on anyone, the board as a group was at fault. We need to learn from this mistake and move forward and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. 

Jen will continue to work on an Activity Calendar to be added to the website.  Shelley had a couple items/columns she would like added.


July: Christine will be the Transitional Quilt speaker. She advised that she will need quilt stands and expects her presentation to run about 75 minutes.

August: Natalie Barnes, Aurifil Ambassador will be the featured speaker. Will need to provide Natalie with an estimate of how many people will be attending the August meeting for swag bags and her requisition form for Aurifil. Gayle will see if Natalie can help obtain deeply discounted or free items from Aurifil with appropriate recognition for the retreat. Dora Cary also gave the guild many patterns which are in Pat’s possession for either the retreat or raffle baskets.

September: ‘What was I Thinking Fabric Share’. This will be an interactive event, where members will bring fabric they’re not sure what to do with. They can also share, trade and/or give fabric away.

October: Shelley to reach out to Elizabeth Eastmond to see if she is available to be our featured speaker for the October meeting. If so, the Board will decide on which of the following lectures we’d like her to present: Quilt Abecedary: a Quilting Journey, An Undercover Traditional Modern Art Quilter, Color and Value in Quilts, or The Influence of Technology on Quilting.

It was suggested that Mac McNamara, of ‘The Quilts of Mac McNamara’ should be our speaker at our Birthday June meeting 2020. Check out his website: http://www.macquilts.com/index.html

Christmas Party

It was agreed upon that we should have our Christmas Party this year at the La Sierra branch library in December for $20. We would keep it simply and simply have appetizers and beverages. Becky to book in September.

Sit and Sew

Still looking for Sit and Sew locations, some suggested locations were:

Casa Blanca neighborhood in Riverside (Villegas Center)

La Sierra/Main library in Riverside

City of Ontario library

Moore’s in Temecula


We are confirmed at the Main Library in Riverside through September 2019.

Chair Updates:


Ruthann will be taking a leave of absence. Judy will be taking over the position with Ruthann’s guidance for a few months.


At the Chaffey quilt exhibit, three quilts were exhibited from non guild members. Going forward this will not be allowed; only current members may exhibit at an IEMQG event. Laura mentioned the possibility of exhibiting mini quilts in the cases at the Ontario Airport in 2021.

New Business

Per the agenda we were to discuss amending the Bylaw for the ability to charge a guest fee when there is a paid speaker. However in reviewing the Bylaws, it turns out that we do have a Bylaw that covers this: ARTICLE IV: DUES/FEES, Section 2, Fees, Fees may be charged for special classes, presentations and/or events as established by the Executive Board. Going forward we will announce well in advance if a guest fee applies for a particular presentation at the general meeting and on social media.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be July 18th at 5:30 pm at the home of Jennifer Adams, VP Communications in Corona, CA 92883.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Brekke, Secretary