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2021 March Guild Quilt Challenge – Sounds & Voices

As the deadline for submitting your Sounds & Voices challenge quilt is quickly approaching, we wanted to provide all the challenge details again (even if it is a tiny bit early) so that you can get going on your creative creation.

Think about highlighting a sound, a voice, a political statement, or a COVID related quilt: What have you heard or felt in the past 11 months of isolation? Is it a life-long issue that repeats? Is it a new idea? Is it a singular noise or group of audible expressions? Is it musical or shrill? How will you display sounds or voices in a visual quilt? This is your opportunity to to be as abstract or literal as you’d like. The only requirement is that the quilt is no larger than 24” on any one side – so easy, right?

Email a good-quality picture of your challenge quilt to: no later than Saturday, February 27th. Please have your email subject line read “2021 Quilt Challenge”, so we can easily identify it.

Please include:

• Quilt Name/Title
• Dimensions
• Quilter’s full name
• Origin of quilt design (original design, variation on an existing block, pattern, etc.)
• A few details about what you want to say about it. This might include some construction details or things you struggled over, or things at which you were successful. It might also include what prompted you to make it, or who it is for. Pretend you are standing in front of us at our Guild Meetings, and give us the quilt’s biography. We’d love to hear it!

Thank you in advance for your entry. We are SEW looking forward to seeing what you create on March 6th!

Updated post to reflect new submission due date.