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Upcoming Guild Meetings

Fall is coming upon us quickly and we wanted to give you a head’s up on the upcoming meeting programs for the next few months. A couple need your participation, so we hope you can help out!

September Guild Meeting

For the September guild meeting, Laura is looking for members to provide input (photos) for “Favorite Quilts of Past Shows.” This part of the program will be about 45 minutes or more, so please send several photos. (We will also share survey results and the International Quilt Museum as time permits). Laura knows that many of us have some favorite quits from quilt shows that bring back fond memories of times with friends and great purchases. Maybe you are planning to go to QuiltCon or Road to CA, and you have been reminiscing about in-person quilt shows. Please sift through hard copy or on-line photos for your favorite quilts from quilt shows to send in your pictures. You can send them to us at or 760-684-9788. If you know the maker, date, show, size, or other details that would be nice, but we can just admire a great quilt through discussion or visual admiration. You might even copy and paste photos of your favorite quilt show quilts from the internet. Maybe you want to scour magazines, books, museums, or Pinterest. Let me know if you want to talk about your photos or you just want us to have an open discussion. We’d love to hear people answer, “What is it about this quilt that you love?” Photos will be due by August 31st; in one week. Label the subject of your photos, “September – Favorite Quilts.”

October Guild Meeting

We want to share a couple more Sewing Spaces/Studios. (It’s been a long Covid-19 isolation, and you have been in your sewing space). Can you share your sew space? If so, contact Laura. We will also share our churn dash top from our alternate grid challenge. Additionally we want to SPOTLIGHT A Favorite Modern Quilter”. Any suggestions? Would you like to talk about this person at the meeting or give Laura information to present? This “SPOTLIGHT A Favorite Modern Quilter” will be a recurring part of the meeting in the next year.

November Guild Meeting

Member University will be the program for this month. Do you have a skill you want to see or share from your home or by video? So far we have scheduled stockings by Christine and postcards and/or words on fabric by Patti. The sewing demo should be about 10 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions. 

Any questions or comments, please drop us a line at We appreciate any and all feedback!