Block of the Month

For those of you who are new to our group, we have such a creative way to do our block of the month. Each month, one of our members brings us a pattern. Sometimes they are very specific as far as color and instructions, and sometimes they are more general. You make your block and bring it to the next meeting. At the meeting all the blocks are gathered and then someone is picked from the group who submitted a block. That person wins all the blocks! He or she gets to take the blocks home and turn them into something beautiful.
I am always amazed when people bring them back in, assembled. I remember one month, a woman won a group of blocks that were hardly related in color. I felt a little sorry for her but when she brought it in she had united every random color and made one of my favorite quilts ever.
Besides learning a new skill, you might go home with a quilt 1/4 of the way finished. We’d love you to come and join in the fun.