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June 2019 General Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2019
Grand Terrace Community Center
22795 Barton Rd, Grand Terrace, CA 92313

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.


Gayle welcomed everyone to the IEQMG’s 3rd birthday celebration! Gayle reminisced about the guild’s beginning as a friendship group that eventually turned into the IEMQG shortly thereafter. A few of the founding members are still active in the guild today. 

The November retreat at Vina De Lestonnac is full. However, if you are still interested, there is a waitlist. See Gayle to be added to it.

Gayle announced the meeting location for the next two months will be at the Main Library in Riverside (3581 Mission Inn Ave).

Committee Reports:

Raffles/Fundraising/Exhibits, Laura

A raffle chairperson is needed.  We have someone for next month, but we need someone permanently going forward. Please contact Laura or any board member if interested.

Our quilts are hanging in the Chaffey Museum.  There are over 40 quilts displayed as well as a rocking chair by Alison and a chair by Simone.  We received more quilts than the space allowed, as such quilts were returned from members that submitted multiple projects. Everyone that submitted one project was displayed. Laura phoned members whose extra quilts were not being displayed and had the quilts at the meeting for pick-up.  On Sunday, June 2nd there is an artist’s reception at the museum from 2-4 pm.

We are exhibiting at Road to California in January 2020. The quilts will be displayed in the atrium of the main exhibit hall. The quilts must be a minimum of 72″ long and a maximum of 100″ wide. Quilts must have a 4″ sleeve. A photo of the quilt tops will be required in October. Additional details to follow.

The following fundraising events have been scheduled: 

Oct 12th Holiday Boutique at Mountain Shadows in Highland; 1 table

July 25th local rummage in Rancho Cucamonga; 1 table

Dec 4th Kris Kringle Holiday Boutique at the Ontario Senior Center; 1 table

Opportunity Quilt, Cat

A very enthusiastic Cat, asked for volunteers to donate their time and talents to the first ever IEMQG Opportunity Quilt by making half square triangles (HST).  Cat put together kits with directions for HSTs; see Cat at break or after the meeting to sign up and take a HST kit home with you today. Assembled HSTs are due at the July meeting.

Block Lotto, Simone

Simone showed members several of the volume blocks called The I.E. (The Improv Effect) together to show what they could look like as a quilt.  The blocks will be collected at the July meeting.  The block tutorial is located on both the IEMQG website and Simone’s blog.

Attendance, Ruthann

There were 28 members in attendance and 5 guests.

Programs, Shelley

Shelley introduced our featured speaker, Dora Cary of Orange Dot Quilts.  Dora took us on a journey from herself as a small child in communist Romania in the 70’s through 2008, when she made her first quilt (and became a US citizen). Her schooling and degrees earned in Romania, aided her greatly in becoming a pattern designer. Dora prides herself on making patterns easy and less complicated.  Many of Dora’s techniques are non-traditional, and this led her to start teaching her techniques in 2017.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed her presentation of her quilts as indicated by the oohs and aahs heard many times. Dora ended her presentation with a series of 5 questions about her journey. Winners were recipients of her patterns and goodies.  If you’d like to find out more about Dora and her products, visit orangedotquilts.com

Refreshments (cake!) and shopping immediately followed Dora’s presentation.


Winners of the raffles were presented with their prizes.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brekke

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May 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2019
Riverside Public Library
3581 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.


Gayle proudly announced that our guild won one of the Road 2 California guild participation challenge! She assured us the prize money will be put to good use. She also informed us about the Seven Sisters Quilt Show on June 29th-30th in San Luis Obispo.  For more information be sure to go to http://www.sevensistersquiltshow.org/

Gayle reminded members that with your paid membership to the guild, you also become a member of the national MQG. Be on the lookout for an email from them with details on how register on their website. One of the perks of membership is the access to the free pattern library. Be sure to check it out.

Gayle was excited to inform the membership that we nabbed a spot at the Vina De Lestonnac Retreat in Temecula for this year’s retreat! The retreat will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 11th, 12th and 13th, starting at 10 am on Monday and ending at 2 pm on Wednesday.  We will be able to accommodate approximately 22 quilters.  Prices for the retreat are as follows: Single room; $386.00;
Double room: $286.00; Triple room: $236.00; and Day Commuters: $33 per day includes lunch (add $18 to stay for dinner). A $100.00 deposit is due at the time of sign up, which can be paid via PayPal, check or cash.  Additional details to follow in the coming months.

After the meeting, Gayle invited members to attend the Executive Board meeting at Shelley’s home.

Committee Reports

Programs, Shelley
June 1st: Our birthday meeting! There will be cake and lots of treats.  The featured presentation will be given by Dora Cary of Orange Dot Quilts.  The meeting location for this event will be in Grand Terrace.

July 6th: Transitional speaker will be Christine.

August 3rd: The featured presentation will be given by, Aurifil Ambassador, Natalie Barnes of Beyond the Reef.

Charity, Rachel
We are still in need of charity quilts for adults, seniors, teens, and children. We have new IEMQG quilt labels. See Rachel for a label and please attach them to your donated quilts.

Fundraising/Exhibits, Laura
Laura announced she had made up more quilt kits for either a charity quilts or craft fair item. She also had fabric for a flash sale.  She also brought in post card flyers for the Chaffey Museum Exhibit on May 23rd and encouraged everyone to take a stack and share.  If you didn’t bring in your quilt to show at the exhibit, you can still drop them off at the museum on May 18th and 19th.

Membership, Ruthann
If anyone has any issues registering with the MQG, please contact Ruthann.

Block Lotto, Simone
Simone showed members examples of low volume blocks called The I.E. (The Improv Effect) for the Block Lotto for May/June and to be collected at the July meeting.  The block tutorial will be located on both the IEMQG website and Simone’s blog.

After a short break, Kim superbly presented “Community and Creativity, a History of Women and Quilting”.  Kim gave a short biography of herself: daughter for an antique dealer; lover of all things old; Art History major; ‘American Patchwork’ was the title of her thesis.  Kim took us on a quilting journey through the centuries starting in the 17th century to current time. It was amazing to hear how quilting has transformed the lives of women throughout the ages. Kim taught us to see how quilting became more than just making quilts for bed covers; it was a way to express social concerns, record personal accounts and make political statements. A huge thanks to Kim for an outstanding presentation.

Show and Shares immediately followed Kim’s presentation; 7 members shared their wonderful creations.

Winners of the Block Lotto, fat quarter, and name tag raffles were presented with their prizes.

Attendance: There were 24 members in attendance and 5 guests.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brekke

Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

April 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
April 6, 2019
Riverside Public Library
3581 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.


Gayle began the meeting by thanking everyone for coming to the new meeting at this new location. She asked for thoughts on the room. Although the room was nice and fit the guild’s needs, she wondered if parking would be an issue.  Gayle also mentioned that we secured this room at no cost for this month. She asked the group if we should keep this location for our May meeting.  Members decided that although parking may be challenging that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a room at no charge.

Gayle reminded everyone of the Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 17 at 6 pm at JoAnn’s in Ontario. At that time, we will discuss in further depth, our meeting location situation. Also, that the SCCQG’s ‘Meet the Teachers’ event is on Saturday, April 13.  Gayle and Cat will be attending and to contact them if you wished to go and/or carpool.  Lastly, the members were reminded to bring in their quilts for the Chaffey Art Museum exhibit to the May meeting.

Gayle announced that Shelley Wardrop has volunteered to be the VP of Programs until she retires and moves up North.  We look forward to having Shelley on board! The May program will be a Women’s History presentation by Kim.

Committee Reports

Rachel, Charity

Rachel informed the group that quilt donations have been light thus far this year. She reminded us that our charities are YouthHope for teens and Calicinto Ranch for 7-12 year olds. She said like us to focus on donation quilts for Home Instead, seniors, towards the end of the year.

Jessica, Fundraising

Jessica showed us more examples of handmade items that members could make & donate for the boutiques planned this year: mug rugs, tissue covers, dog leashes, dish towels, bags, crocheted jar openers, crocheted dish cloths, eyeglass holders, and luggage tags.  Please bring in your finished items to either Jessica or Laura.

Ruthann, Membership

Ruthann announced we had 20 members and 1 guest in attendance.

Simone, Block Lotto

Simone showed members examples of 2 blocks for the Block Lotto due at the May meeting called Mountain View.  The pattern is located on both the IEMQG website and Simone’s blog.

After a short break, the Board Game quilts were curated by Cat with help by Gayle. Nine (9) quilts were submitted for curation. Cat did a wonderful job curating the quilts, taking time to praise the quilting, binding, and trying to guess the board game inspiration behind each quilt. Afterwards, each quilter, explained what we needed to know about their quilt: inspiration, interpretation, and construction.

Show and Shares immediately followed the Board Game challenge presentation.

Raffles – Winners of the fat quarter and name tag raffles were presented with their prizes.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brekke

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March 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
March 2, 2019
La Sierra Library – 4600 La Sierra Avenue, Riverside 92505


The meeting was called to order at 2:02 pm by Gayle Bennett, President.

Welcome & Announcements:

Gayle welcomed everyone to the new location.  She solicited all members to provide feedback regarding their opinions about the La Sierra space for future consideration.  She also advised all members that we will be at the Main Mission Library location for April and May.  Free parking is available on Saturdays near the library.  The community room where we will be meeting is on the second level; they do have an elevator to aid in those bringing items upstairs. We are hoping to finalize a more permanent location in the near future as Grand Terrace’s scheduling issues have become problematic for our guild.

Membership – Membership renewal reminder; please pay for any outstanding 2019 dues.  If you have any questions, please see Gayle or one of the members of the Executive Board.

VP of Programs Vacancy – Gayle announced that Trish will be moving away and no longer able to serve as VP of Programs.  She asked the members if anyone might be interested in filling this important role.  We are a collaborative group so the role is important, but has lots of support.  Gayle shared that in April, SCCQG on Saturday, April 13th will be the annual ‘Meet the Teachers’ event in Carson at the Convention Center.  The event is free unless you would like to purchase a box lunch for $15. More information is available on the SCCQG website.  She extended an invitation to the guild’s membership if anyone would like to attend. This is the best way for our guild to find speakers and determine future programs for the guild.

Ice Breaker – Laura facilitated the activity for the meeting – “I always label my quilt when I’m done, because it should always be done that way.” The ‘correct’ answer Laura said was the Strongly Disagree (2 member group) as there are truly no rules in modern quilting.

Guild Business:

Annual Budget Presented – Cat shared the results of the internal audit completed successfully by Marilyn. The annual projected budget was shared.  We have slightly amended a few of the numbers based on the annual membership dues collected. Cat shared some additional estimates for additional income received through guest fees and raffles. We will also still fall for national MQG dues under the 45 membership category.  The dues to SCCQG have been paid for our dues and annual insurance. Other incidental fees such as bank fees (PayPal), meeting space fee, website, fundraiser expenses and supplies along with our post office box annual fee. Christine moved to approve the budget, Simone seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

April Game Challenge Quilt – Gayle reminded everyone that next month is the ‘Game Challenge’ quilt program.  We will have Linda Rasmussen out again to curate the piece, however, any members that would rather just display their piece and not have Linda review them is also fine.  We will provide sign-in for members that Linda will curate. We look forward to seeing what everyone creates!

Fundraising and Exhibits – Laura shared the generous donation provided by a former contact from two years ago to the guild. She has put together ‘kits’ for members to check-out and complete quilts or projects with the materials. There is a small box with index cards for you to complete – indicate the number of the kit you are taking and what you think you will do with the materials. We are encouraging you to take fabric and bring something back – a month or three months is fine, but we do need your help to make items for our guild’s fundraising events this year! We may spend time when the projects are turned in to determine if some may be better suited for charity rather than for sale through the fundraiser. Laura also discussed the Upland Library event in March and the Chaffey exhibit in April and the call for quilts. Laura is doing the Women’s History Event this year on March 5th at 6:00pm at the Upland Library. The Chaffey Exhibit is coming up and quilts need to be brought in to the May meeting.  The exhibit there will run from May 23rd to July 21st.  Quilts will be returned in August.  The theme is ‘Splashes of Color and Shape’.

Gayle shared that our guild has been contacted by the Road to California to ask if we can help provide ‘modern’ quilts for display in the lobby of the Ontario Convention Center next year. We are looking for our members to provide quilts for this special display.  We will continue to remind everyone about this wonderful opportunity over the next few months.

Break: Visit & Snacks – Mmmmm, yummy rice krispy treats! 


Transition Quilter – Allison Cutler shared her quilting journey from her first mini-quilt to her current evolution to a modern quilter.

Block Lotto:

April/May Block Lotto Pattern – Simone shared the next round of Block Lotto with the guild.  The pattern is called ‘Mountain View’ and it’s created using a paper pieced pattern and jelly roll pieces (or make your own 2” strips). A link to the pattern will be posted on the website and also on social media.


Block Lotto Drawing – Simone conducted the drawing – Allison won the ‘Skipping Stones’ block.

General Raffles – Pat conducted the drawing for nametag participation as well as the charity drawing for the fat quarter bundle.

Show & Share

Announcements & Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 4:14 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Adams, in absence of Becky Brekke, Secretary



Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

February 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Agenda
February 2, 2019
Mountain Shadows Community Clubhouse
4040 Piedmont Drive, Highland, CA 92346


The meeting was called to order at 2:01 pm by Gayle Bennett, President.


Gayle explained that the meeting today would follow a different format than usual.  Program first, followed by the business meeting, then back to Program to finish up.

Regarding last month’s Road to California, no word, as of yet on the winners of the Guild Challenge.

Program Part 1 – Lynn Hanna:

Lynn, began by explaining what to expect in our afternoon of creative exploration through the utilization of painting and music.  Lynn promised painting would be the easiest part. We would be blindfolded so that we could paint with inspiration. Also, being blindfolded would alleviate any pressure we might have to create something specific. Adding to the mix, we would paint to music to bring out our creative spirit. Everyone paired up with a partner.  We had our choice of a variety of paint colors, we were to choose at least two.  On each table were sheets of paper that we drew into 3 vertical sections. The first group started painting when the music began and stopped when the music ended. We painted two more times to the music until both sections were completed. The second group began painting once the first group finished in the same manner. The painted sheets were set aside to dry and the business meeting began.

Guild Business:

April Challenge Quilt – Gayle

The April challenge quilt is to be inspired by your favorite board game.  We are fortunate to have Linda Rasmussen curate the quilt entries once again. This year, if you prefer not to have your quilt curated, you just need to indicate this on the sign in sheet at the April meeting. Any size quilts are allowed from a mini to full size quilt.

Exhibits – Laura

Upland Library

Bring quilts in March for the Upland Library exhibit, which will run from March 3 – March 31. Drop off quilts at the March general meeting and pick up at the April general meeting. The quilts will be hanging from the 2nd floor of the library for Women’s History Month. Modern and larger sized quilts are encouraged. Quilts will need a sleeve, no exceptions. See the website for quilt sleeve instructions.

As part of the Women’s History Month, Laura will be presenting, ‘Visionary Women: Resolving Life’s Issues and Story Quilts’ on March 5 from 6pm -7:15pm. If you have a quilt that tells a story of an event in your life, please contact Laura as she may use your story and quilt in her presentation.

Laura will contact the library regarding advertising of the exhibit.

Chaffey Art Museum

The exhibit at the Chaffey Art Museum is called ‘Splashes of Colors and Shapes’ and will run from May 23 – July 20.  There will be plenty of space dedicated to this exhibit and as such we will need many quilts.  We would like to use the board game challenge quilts.  Modern quilts only, if there is any question if your quilt is modern or not, please send a picture to Laura for confirmation. There will be four (4) pedestals available for objects.  If you are interested Laura will have forms available at the March general meeting.

Membership – Ruthann

23 members were in attendance.
2 new members joined the Guild.
3 new guests were in attendance.

Charity – Jessica for Rachel

Paradise Fire Victims – they have been returning quilts as they have enough.  However, if you’ve made a quilt already, please bring in and we will donate to one of our three (3) charities.

Break – Visit & Snacks


Alisa awarded a prize to the raffle winner and Pat awarded a prize to the name tag winner.

Show & Share

Carlene, Pat, Debbie, Lynn, Cheryl, Debi, Laura and Jessica all brought in items to show and share with the group.

Fundraiser – Jessica and Laura

Jessica and Laura showed coasters, dog leashes, mug rugs, and jar grabbers that would be easy to make and sell at our boutiques this fall.  So far, we are planning in participating at the Riverside Convention Center on Black Friday and at the Redlands Art Walk. There was discussion on doing a trial boutique in September.

Block Lotto – Ruthann for Simone

Ruthann reminded everyone that Block Lotto is next month.  Instructions and pattern are on the website.  There is one entry per block. If your number is called, you will win all the blocks. Technique for this block lotto is raw edge finish.  Block lotto is every other month this year.

Program Part II – Lynn Hanna

Everyone retrieved their painted sheets and Lynn finished her presentation. Lynn asked the group to pick one or two pieces of their sheets that they liked best. Then we used the two (2) 90 degree cardstock angles to hone in on these areas, outline them in pencil, and cut them out.  Once they were cut out, we pinned the shapes to the portable design wall. The intent was for each person to discuss why they chose the particular piece, but due to the inclement weather, the meeting ended in order for everyone to safely get home.

Announcements & Adjournment

Next meeting is Saturday, March 2, 2019 – location TBA (Grand Terrace has another event in our regular room).

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Brekke

Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

January 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2019
Grand Terrace Community Center
22795 Barton Rd, Grand Terrace, CA 92313


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.



Gayle began the meeting by welcoming everyone back for another exciting year.  She informed us that in lieu of ‘resolutions’ she prefers ‘word’ of the year. And she shared her word of the year with the group: ‘succeed’.

The executive board presented former president, Laura Greene, with a quilt for her two (2) years of service as President.  The quilt was pieced by the Guild’s membership and quilted by Cat.

Gayle reminded the group of the upcoming Road to California Quilt show from January 24 – 27 at the Ontario Convention Center.  She urged everyone to be sure to log in as IEMQG members for the Guild Attendance Challenge (located in the main hall of the convention center).  We were very close to winning one of the $500 prizes last year and we would very much love to win this year! Members should refer to our website for additional information.

Gayle asked for help regarding a possible new location for our general meetings. The guild would not be opposed to a nominal fee as long as the location was convenient and reliable. Also, possibly conducting the board meeting immediately following a general meeting every so often was mentioned.


Introductions & Committee Reports

Jennifer, VP of Communications

Jennifer advised the group a social media chairperson is needed for our Facebook and Instagram accounts. During the meeting Kelley agreed to serve as Chairperson for Social Media.


Tricia, VP of Programs

Tricia announced that February’s general meeting on February 2nd would take place at Mountain Shadows Community Center in Highland, CA. Guest speaker will be Lynn Hanna and she will be speaking and showing us painting and improvisational methods. This will be a hands-on demonstration and attendees should dress accordingly.  There will be a Sit and Sew prior to the general meeting as well.

The March program will be a Transitional Quilter presentation by Alison.

The April program will be our Quilt Challenge inspired by a board game.  Quilt judge, Linda Rasmussen, will once again be curating the entries.

The May program will be a Women’s History presentation by Kim.


Cat, Treasurer

Cat introduced herself as the new treasurer for the coming year.


Becky, Secretary

Becky introduced herself as the new secretary and will be responsible for taking the minutes for the general and board meetings each month.


Laura, Fundraising

Laura and Jessica will be our fundraising guru’s for the coming year. They are both very passionate about raising money in order for more activities and programs for the Guild.  In February and March, they will have Sewing/Quilting raffle baskets available and you will be able to purchase raffle tickets at either meeting.

They are also investigating holiday shows that the guild can participate in. Guild members will donate their time and skills to create handmade items to sell at the show(s). It was suggested that we use some of the Sit and Sews as a time to work on items to donate for the show(s).

To get things rolling, Laura requested the group start working on baby quilts.   There are specific requirements and they are: no set in borders, binding, cornerstones or “old fashion” style quilts.  They are requesting the quilts be of a modern aesthetic.  Laura has put together a baby quilt kit with a pattern and fabric for members for ease of convenience.  The kits will be out at the general meetings for pick-up.

Laura announced that the Guild will be participating in exhibits at the Chaffe Art Museum and the Upland Library.  Additional details will follow in the coming months.


Pat, Hospitality

Pat announced we had 25 members, 2 new members and 5 visitors in attendance. She also mentioned that we were short on snacks sign ups, and passed around the clipboard for members to sign up.


Simone, Block Lotto

Simone introduced our Block Lotto for January/February called Skipping Rocks.  Block lotto for this year will be bi-monthly allowing everyone more time to work on their blocks. The pattern is located on both the IEMQG website and Simone’s blog.


RuthAnn Salera, Membership

Is still accepting payments for our 2019 membership dues of $40.00.  She will also be taking membership dues and paperwork at next month’s meeting.


Rachel, Charity

Rachel announced there were 21 quilt donations to Home Instead and 3 quilt donations to YouthHope.  This year she will be accepting any age, any size quilts. The chosen organizations that the Guild will be focusing on this is year are Home Instead, YouthHope and Calicinto Ranch.

Due to the recent wildfires in Paradise, CA, Rachel would like us to donate to the Paradise fire victims in conjunction with the Beaumont quilt guild.  Through March, we can bring quilts and pillow cases to donate.


Alisa, Raffles

Alisa introduced herself as the raffle chair for the coming year. She reminded us raffle ticket prices are $1 for 1 or $5 for 6.


After a short break, Cat introduced Linda and Carl Sullivan of Colourwerx. Linda went through a brief history of her early, traditional quilts and her transition to modern, how their careers changed from being in the TV and film industry to own a quilt ship and becoming designers of patterns and quilts. She explained that how the lack of colorful and vibrant fabrics lead them on a quest to create unique, vibrant and colorful fabric and quilts.  They presented many quilts showcasing their own fabric and many quilts featuring Kaffe Fassett prints.  Many of the quilts they showed were beautifully quilted by Teresa Silva of Quilting is my Bliss.  Linda said that if you sign up for their newsletter on their Colourwerx website, you will receive a free pattern.  If you’d like to see more of Linda and Carl’s creations, look for them in issues of Modern Patchwork and Easy Quilts magazines. During the meeting, they had a trunk show featuring patterns, kits and colorful fabric bundles for purchase.


Show and Shares immediately followed the Colourwerx presentation.


Raffles – Alisa presented the raffle winner with a set of fat quarters.  Pat presented the name tag raffle winner with her prize.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brekke

Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

November 2018 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2018
Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community Clubhouse
4040 Piedmont Drive, Highland, CA 92346

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Laura Greene, President.


Welcome – Warm-up

The Warm-up statement was “Candy makes me more focused for quilting.”  Attendees grouped under the sign that best represented their response to that question – Strongly Agree, Agree, Slightly Disagree, and Strongly Disagree.  After a few minutes of discussing the topic in the various groups, Laura awarded the door prize to the person who compared chocolate to other candy.

Fund Raiser

Laura reported that at our Upcycle Event, we made as much or more, money that one day than we did when we were doing an upcycle table at every meeting.


Laura announced that the board has been working on changing the Bylaws over the last six months, one section at a time.  The revised Bylaws are now posted on our website; we need to have them posted for at least one month before we have the general membership vote to accept the Bylaws as revised.  Laura explained that our Bylaws do not specify how many consecutive years a person can hold a board position, because with our relatively small membership, we do not want to get to the point that many guilds have come to, where they have no one who is willing to serve on the board.  She also noted that the national MQG bylaws do not mention any term limitations.

Election Results

Our new slate of officers is:

Gayle Bennett, President

Tricia Williams, Vice President – Programs

Jennifer Adams, Vice President – Communications

Cat Wallace, Treasurer

Becky Brekke, Secretary


Committee Chairpersons:

RuthAnn Salera, Membership

Rachel McGee, Charity

Laura Greene & Jessica Cook, Fund Raising


We still need to someone to do Block Lotto.


Committee Reports

Cat Wallace, VP of Programs announced plans for our holiday party, which will be December 1 at the Mountain Shadows Clubhouse, from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.  Everyone should bring three fat quarters to play Left, Right, Center.  Cat handed out fabric squares for each person to make a nine-patch block for a Tic Tac Toe/Bingo game she has planned.  The leftover blocks will be sewn into a charity quilt at a later date.

Cat passed around a sign-up sheet for toppings for the chili bar.

Cat reminded us that our January meeting will feature a trunk show by Linda Sullivan.

Gayle Bennett, Treasurer reported that our new membership chairperson, RuthAnn Salera, is now accepting payments for our 2019 membership dues of $40.00.

Gayle Bennett reminded us that we all need to fill out and mail in the paperwork that was sent to us by Leslie from the Art Museum.   Quilts will be dropped off on Friday, November 30 – the museum is close to Gayle’s work, so she will try to arrange to deliver the quilts.  They will be displayed December 13 – December 30 and can be picked up January 11.

After Member University presentations, we enjoyed Show and Share.   We then had a discussion about fund raising options.

Raffles – Alison presented the raffle winner with a set of fat quarters.  Pat Klassen presented the name tag raffle winner with her prize.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tricia Williams