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January 2018 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting
January 6, 2018
Grand Terrace Community Room, Grand Terrace, CA

The meeting was called to order at 2:02pm by Treasurer Gayle Bennett in Laura Greene’s absence. Laura has been out due to illness.

Membership: Gayle shared information regarding membership renewal for 2018. Hard-copy forms were available at the meeting, but she also recommended downloading and printing the renewal form from the Guild website and mail in with check. Address is on the website. Our MQG national dues are paid to date.

Events: Road to California Quilter’s Conference and Showcase will be held January 18-21st. There are two contests offered for local Guilds. Each has a $500 award; (1) Guilds with most attendees and (2) highest percentage of guild members registered at Road. Guests can be counted as part of this contest provided they sign in in the Lobby using the iPads for registration. Information is also available on the Guild website.

Quilt Con is February 22, 2018. Open registration starts this Monday January 8th. Space still available on bus that leaves from Nazarene church in Redlands. Contact Evie for more information.

Programs: Treasurer- Gayle Bennett shared 2018 will have 2 quilting challenges: 1) April is negative space and 2) September is the song challenge. In March or April participants will draw from a bag containing 500 songs to establish your song that will be your song for your quilt design.

Block Lotto: Ginger Gabriel 6.5” square, improve, must use stash fabrics! Details are being placed on the website and a hand-out was also distributed to members.

Upcoming Events: Sit n sew – Trish Williams: February 11 is the next sew and sew between 9am and 4pm at the Mountain Shadows Community Center. Attendees are encouraged to bring a salad/side or dessert and funds to order in pizza. Ice maker is on site and available for our use along with the kitchen to re-heat any items. Encouraged for attendees to bring an extension cord, but plenty of table space and chairs will be available. Please let Trish know if you will be attending as all guests will need to be called in to the guard shack in advance. Jennifer will try and establish a link on website for registration prior to the event for this purpose.

Call for quilts at Upland Library in March. IEMQG will do a presentation of Women Building Business.

Cat will attend the SCCQG Meet the Teachers on April 14 in Carson. Members welcome to attend, but are required to pre-register for lunch. Fee is $15. More information is available on the website http://www.sccqg.org/meet-teachers.htm as well as the registration/lunch reservation.

Cat also reviewed the 2018 programs list for our Guild as follows:
2018 January – Quilt Judging, Linda Rasmussen
2018 February – Modern Minis, Jessica Cook
2018 March – Post Quilt Con, Lynn Hanna
2018 April – Challenge – Negative Space, Amy French
2018 May – Transition Quilter, Laura Green & Spotlight Quilter, Marsha Schuh
2018 June – Beyond the Reef, Natalie Barnes
2018 July – Longarm Presentation, Cat Wallace
2018 August – Craft D’Jour
2018 September – Challenge “Song Title”
2018 October – Sue Stone – Needle in a Fabric Stash
2018 November – Member University
2018 December – Holiday Party

Communications: Jennifer Adams shared work she has done to the Guild’s website for the past 8 weeks. New improvements include more ‘modern’ and clean aesthetic, drop-down menus and sub-menus to create easier navigation and a ‘subscribe’ option to streamline Guild communications. We now have a new calendar with maps and information for upcoming meetings and events. Feedback is encouraged, and all 2018 confirmed members are pre-registered on the website to receive update notices as information is posted. Members were advised they can ‘opt out’ by unsubscribing from the email that is sent out.

Membership: Pat Klassen: 21 members attended, 1 Guest is Kathy Soukup.

Guest speaker: Linda Rasmussen attended and spent nearly two hours covering tips and recommendations for improved quilting, piecing and how quilts are judged. She also explained process to become a quilt judge and shared her personal history. One has 5 years to complete the process. Shared her purpose for judging: to encourage quilters to continue producing and feel like a winner of the work they submitted. She wants all to feel like a winner. Explained differences of a Judged Show and Show by Jury, the importance of proper photos of item, accuracy of completing entrance form. Understand “Original design” and “Art Quilt Design”. Modern Quilts must have all lines, shapes and edges be crisp, clean and exact. Perfect the negative space quilting. Great news, Linda does individual critiquing! She has offered to judge our challenges. Linda concluded her talk by reviewing two quilts from our members. She provided insightful feedback and said she would be happy to visit future events and provide complimentary ‘judging’.

Raffle: ($46), winner is Annie Houston
Nametag: Joan Clarke
Quick Cut 2: Becky Brekke

The meeting was adjourned at 4:36pm and was extended slightly due to the additional time allotted to our guest speaker, Linda Rasmussen.

Respectfully submitted,
Candace Kimball


August 2016 Minutes

August 4, meeting convened at 2:00 PM at the Garcia Center for the Arts, San Bernardino, CA

Welcome: Laura West Kong, President

Communications Report: Justin Mandell and Megann Mills described the website, iemodernquiltguild.com. If you sign up for the BLOG, then you will be notified via email whenever a new blog post is created. To sign up follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website www.iemodernquiltguild.com or look to the right where it says Subscribe to IEMQG Blog
  2. Enter email address in “Subscribe to IEMQG blog” box
  3. Check your email for confirmation message. Follow directions in email message to confirm subscription.

We also have Instagram and  Twitter accounts. You can follow us on Instagram here or on Twitter here. If you want to post pictures on Instagram for IEMQG use the #iemqg hash tag. We have plenty of new followers. Laura Greene reported that the newsletter will be kept simple for the rest of the year. You will get it emailed each month. If you aren’t getting the newsletter, check with Pat Klossen to make sure we have the correct address. Newsletters can also be found on the website.

Programs Report: Michele Nichols reminded members to bring their Kona Silver challenge quilt next month, September. The October meeting program will be Leah Baker, LAMQG member who has worked for Alexander Henry. She will talk about how “modern” has contributed to her quilting. The November meeting program will be member demos. We will have stations set up around the room and rotate to each. Let Michele know if you have a skill you would like to share. The December program is the Christmas party. Let the Board members know if you have any ideas.

Sue Stone/Needle in a Fabric Stash Program: The Needle in a Fabric Stash is the only 100% “Modern” shop south of Los Angeles. Their store is in Temecula.

Sue shared her quilts, her aspects of modern quilting, and how they compare with traditional quilting. She shared her Fibonacci quilt and how the rectangle blocks change. She described how she made the line drawing for the quilting on the quilt. She compared a traditional basket pattern with a modern basket quilt. She explained how she uses improvisation to make her quilts modern.

Susan shared how the future of modern quilts is determined by the fabrics that are available. For example, larger scale designs lend themselves to larger pieces in a quilt. Sue describe several lines of fabric that she enjoys. Art Gallery (new Coastline series), Cotton and Steel (inspired by their travels), Deer Stella (woodlands), Tula Pink ( new Slow and Steady line with snails), Hoffman batiks (bright, little geometrics), Allison Glass (new modern batik), and  (low volume prints). Sue shared her denim quilt, her paper pieced “envelop” quilt, and her “plus” quilt. Finally she shared new books, Growing Up Modern, Strip Saavy, Beyond Neutrals, and Simply Retro.

Break (30 minute): People made more purchases at the Needle in a Fabric Stash Pop-up Store.

Modern Quiltology 101: Intro to Improv and Block Lotto: Improv at 9: Laura West Kong presented a comparison of improvisational quilting to improvisational acting. She stated that it doesn’t need to be scary, and you can break free. You can be open-minded, creative, and that improv actually has rules. The first rule of improv is to say say YES AND. Agree with what’s been stated (or sewn) without judgement and add to it. Other tips for improv include: Be random. Think positively. Don’t over-think it and be spontaneous. Embrace the awkward to add drama. Members bring completed Improv at 9 blocks to the September meeting to enter the Block Lotto, one entry per block. Winner takes all the blocks.

Show and Tell: Some of the women who shared were Cindy Scott, Gayle Bennett, Cindy Chrisler, Judee Koda, Donna Gaston, Dotti Garcia, Nancy, and Michele Nichols.

Treasurer’s Report: Gayle reported that we have $865 in the bank. Next month we will have bylaws and a budget.

Membership Report: Laura West Kong reported that we had 26 members, 1 new member and 10 visitors in attendance.

Door Prizes: Cindy Chrisler won a flash drive. Claire Flannery won a book. Debbie Lepper won fabrics. Laura Green won a book. Sasha Saylor won fabrics.

Issues: Laura West Kong will bring membership cards and pins at the next meeting. The MQG has 2 challenges each year and they give you fabric when you sign up. Laura has a fat quarter bundle to the first person who wants to participate.

Adjournment: 4:00



July 2016 Minutes


July 10, Meeting convened at 2:05 PM at the Garcia Cultural Center for the Arts, San Bernardino, CA

Presented by Gayle Bennett and Michele Nichols (Laura West Kong, President, was unexpectedly called out of town so she was absent)

37 in attendance (10 new member)

Kathleen Herring is in rehab for a broken ankle at Fountain of Carlotta. You are welcome to email her a short note for a quick recovery.

QuitCon reservations are being accepted. QuiltCon is February 23-26 in Savannah, GA. MQG members get free entrance to the show.

IEMQG members asked about national MQG membership. Laura is submitting our names to the organization. MQG Headquarters will email each member to welcome you when you are registered.

The Ontario Museum has free quilt submissions which are being accepted until August 15. The submissions are non-judged and non-juried.

A magnetic bulletin board is needed for the meetings, so Linda Raycraft has volunteered to donate her magnetic bulletin board.

The LA Quilt Show, presented by the Fowler Museum, is at Crafted in the Port of LA at Ports O’ Call on August 13-14. Entries are being accepted until July 31 for $20. Entries are non-judged and non-juried. Admission is $15 at the door and $10 if purchased online before August 12.

Road to California has class submission online.

The July Sand and Surf Flying Geese Chevron Block Lotto pieces were collected as you entered. You should have entered your name for each block you brought. 25 blocks were entered, and Marilyn Samoa won! Congratulations! This is her first win in 20 years.)

Silver fat quarters were given to each new member. The goal is to make a modern quilt and bring it to the September meeting. You choose the size and design. Be creative and modern.

Gayle has the membership list. Check with her to make sure your email is correct on the list.

The Executive Board has been established for this year:

  • President-Laura West Kong
  • 1st VP of Programs Michelle Nichols
  • 2nd VP of Communications-Megan Mills and Justin Mandell
  • Treasurer-Gayle Bennett
  • Secretary-Laura Greene

Gayle is asking for people to be thinking about volunteering for the Board for 2017 since nominations will come up in October. We also need other committee volunteers for Block Challenge, Charity, Community Service, QuitCon Charity Quilt committees. Pat Klassen is the Greeter (Thanks, Pat).

The bank account has been started at Chase Bank by Gayle Bennett and Laura West Kong. The Tax ID has been taken care of also.

The bylaws should be ready by September. The budget is in progress.

Minutes will be posted on the iemqg.com website.

Volunteers are still needed in this new, small guild. Don’t feel intimidated! This is an opportunity to make your mark in this group. You get out this guild what you put into it.

We will have a survey to find out what you want. For example, we need to know what community service you would like to do. You should be happy.

The Executive Board meeting is to be determined by the Board before leaving today, so there is a short meeting at the end of this meeting.

Nominations for the 2017 Executive Board will be in October for a vote in November.

What other questions do you have?

  • How do we get young people?
  • Which charities do we want to work with?
  • Do we want an education committee?
  • Let’s have the people interested in charity and education meet during the break. (Gayle, Linda, Rachel, Kathy met and Gayle took notes)

Raffle numbers were drawn: Mary Bruno won a bag of fat quarters. Kathy Lahti won a charm pack. Maria Kenly won batiks from Beyond the Reef. Linda Raycot and Debbie Gardner won Northcott fat quarter packs.

The group activity was organized with 6 people at each table.  Each group was to make a modern quilt from paper, scissors, and tape. People talked, got to know each other, laughed, and created paper quilts which were shown off.

At the August meeting our presenter will be Sue, owner of Needle in a Fabric Stash from Temecula.

At the September meeting we will be presenting our Kona Silver challenge.

At the October meeting Leah Kabaker, from the LAMQG, will tell us about modern quilting

Show and Tell

Adjournment at 3:50.



June 2016 Minutes (Meet & Greet)

June 12, 2016, meeting convened at 2:00 PM at the Garcia Cultural Center for the Arts, San Bernardino, CA

Presented by; Laura Kong, Michelle Nichols
Representing the Modern Quilt Guild: Andres Rosales

56 in attendance.

Laura presented What Is Modern Quilting? and presented plans and ideas about the goals of the new guild. She introduced the Kona challenge for a fat quarter of Kona Silver received by each member paying dues that day. Challenge quilts are due in September. Andres spoke about the Modern Quilt Guild national organization.

Introduced Carolyn Reese, of Road to California.
Linda Rasmussen spoke about the new program Roadies Give Back for Road To CA 2017 to benefit the Pomona Valley Hospital Cancer Care center.

Block Lotto: Sand & Surf Flying Geese Chevron: Blocks to be entered in the Lotto are due at the July meeting.

Attendees present were invited to introduce themselves. Introductions included telling the group why they attended the Meet & Greet, their quilting experience and other guilds and/or quilting groups they belong to.

Door prize drawings were held. Everyone in attendance was eligible to win. Door prizes donated by Aurifil Italian Threads, Fat Quarter Shop, and Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

19 new members submitted Membership Forms and paid the initial six months dues of $20.00. 15 additional attendees paid the $20 membership fee and gave email addresses for membership forms to be sent to them.

Meeting adjourned 4:00 PM
Next meeting to be held Sunday July 10, 2016 at the same location.

Minutes prepared by Gayle Bennett, Treasurer.

Photography by Michael Graves.