Virtual Urban Challenge

Remember our Urban Challenge? Well, we haven’t forgotten it!
The presentation of our challenges was supposed to be in April, but Ms. Corona Virus caught us all by surprise, and it was skipped over. However, we do want to see your creations! However, given the limitations of social distancing and various stay-at-home orders, we are heading online.

Yes, we’re going to have our challenge go virtual! If you’ve forgotten what the parameters were, this blog post has details: use at least 4″ square of the blue fabric, largest maximum measurement per side is 24.”

Please take a good picture of your creation, using a well-lit area and holding that camera steady. Try to fill the frame with your quilt, leaving some extra around the edges, but getting a good photograph.

Then email it to us at:

Deadline: May 26, 2020

We’ll be posting your Urban Challenge Quilt photos all during the month of June on this blog, on Facebook and and on Instagram. At the end of the month, in lieu of our June meeeting, we’ll have a drawing for two prizes:

Participation (photo sent and and challenge requirements met)
IEMQG Board Choice (the board will choose one quilt)

So don’t delay–get going on finishing up your Urban Challenges, and get them emailed by May 26th, 2020 (the day after Memorial Day). Our online Urban Challenge Quilt Show begins June 1st!

An urban space in Berlin, Germany

2020 Quilt Challenge

• Urban can be the design made by the layout of a city
• Urban can be about the people in that city
• Urban can be about the shapes, shadows, and lines of a city
• Urban can discuss ideas of city life
• Urban can tackle problems of cities
• Urban can be about the people, the animals, the traffic, the noise, the food, the smells, the shops, the city workers, and whatever else you can think of

To help give you a few ideas, try taking a look at this Mood Board, which has the outline of our Guild’s challenge, as well as a lot of ideas to fill our challenge theme of Urban. Click the arrow on the lower left to start the slideshow.