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February 2018 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting, February 3, 2018

Grand Terrace Civic Center, 22795 Barton Rd., Grand Terrace, CA 92313


The meeting was called to order at 2:05 PM by Laura Greene.


Did Road to California have enough modern quilts?
Jackie was the winner.  She was in the group that was of the opinion there were enough modern quilts at Road to California.

New venue for March meeting – Gayle Bennett
March 3 meeting will be at the Historical Council Room in the Ontario Museum of History and Art, about 30 min from Grand Terrace.
The meeting is from 1:00 – 3:00! More details on IEMQG website.


Website – Jennifer Adams
The IEMQG site has been reformatted and updated and is a thorough source of information about the IEMQG, details of topics at general meeting and future activities.  Among other things, you can find the minutes, agenda, block lotto news, sit and sew and charities.

Committee Reports:

Charity- Aimee French
The Charity Committee will be headed up by Aimee French. She has worked with charity blankets to Loma Linda Hospital.  Teenagers (especially males) are the least gifted for blankets.  All sizes needed, even fleece and crocheted blankets.  The blankets are also used in the hospitals ambulances and helicopters.

If you wash the blankets, use unscented products.


Up-cycling- Becky Brekke
The charity table has been upgraded and has been replaced with the Up-cycling Committee.  The committee will be more of a fundraiser, a special event.  This new committee will be headed by Becky Brekke.  There are plans to have an Up-cycling sales event in August.  It will be like an up-graded quilt store of stuff for quilters and their friends.  Members are asked to donate items that can be sold. Becky is thinking about having items brought in a few months early, so she can start processing items.  Consider making items for sale.


Upland Library Women’s History Month Exhibit- Jennifer Adams for Cat Wallace (ill)
March 14, 2018 6PM
Lynn Hanna will be guest speaker.


Laura Greene is coordinating the “Bring a Modern Quilt” to the March 3 meeting to be hung at the library from a 2nd floor banister for 1 month.
More details on IEMQG website.


March Program – Jennifer Adams for Cathleen Wallace (ill)
Lynn Hanna will be presenting a program called “Making Meaning” along with a flag show of post QuiltCon.


SCCQG is hosting “Meet the Teachers” on April 14 in Carson.  All are welcomed.  This is a huge resource for future guest speakers.  $15 covers admittance and lunch.  Attendees to preregister.  More details on the IEMQG website.


Block Lotto, February’s block – Shelley Wardrop
Did drawing of 1-34, Gayle won 34 blocks
At Decembers meeting, everyone who has participated in block lotto will have their name submitted for a goodie drawing.  Next month’s block lotto is “Kites” (paper piecing) on a light sky-blue color.  Planning a paper piecing tutorial at Sit and Sew.


Budget – Gayle Bennett

All bills are paid.  Big money maker last year was our raffles.  Gayle read thru all incomes and expenses for 2017 and shared budget figures for 2018.  Please refer to 2017 and 2018 budget posted on the website for figures.  We are budgeted for great speakers for this year.


Negative Space, the Presidents Challenge – Laura Greene
Due in April.  Linda Rasmussen will come as a guest and critique the blankets.


Song Title Challenge – Gayle Bennett
Members will start drawing songs next month.  If you draw a song you really hate, for $5 you can draw another song and then $5 another song. The challenge is due in September.  No rule on size.
The blanket can be of the title, the band, the lyrics, but be prepared to explain the blanket and its relationship to the song that was drawn.


Sit and Sew – Tricia Williams
February 11, 9-5PM, Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community, Clubhouse
Please let Trish know in advance if you are attending.  Bring $ for shared pizza and an extension cord.


Refreshments Sign-up – Pat Klassen
A sign-up sheet for members to bring refreshments each month was passed around at the meeting.  Pat will provide a reminder phone call to volunteers.


Show and Tell:

Donna Gaston will teach Globe Zen Chic in November.

Simone Bradford showed a quilt made of a new line of fabrics she recently designed.  Paintbrush Studio is the distributor and manufacture and her line is called “On Your Mark”.


Modern Minis Presentation, “Going Mini.  Going Modern” lecture – Jessica Cook
Best fabric is small prints, tiny prints, tiny tools, 70/10 needle is preferred, use a 50-weight thread.  Hand applique is 60 weight thread or less.  Create a close spaced “U” as your work area.


Raffles Winners:

Fat quarters -Pat Kaplan

Name tag – Ginger Gabriel


Next meeting will be Saturday, March 3, 2018, from 1 to 3 pm at the Historical Council Room in the Ontario Museum of History and Art, Ontario.

Meeting adjourned at 3:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Candace Kimball

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