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September 2021 Guild Meeting

This month’s meeting led by Laura (in Barbara’s absence) focused on revisiting favorite quilts from previous shows. Several members submitted photos of their favorite quilts. Laura shared two videos:

“The Best of QuiltCon 2020”: Discussion followed about the quilting, the lines and the shapes that express emotions in quilts. Discussion about the purpose of quilts: Is it to make something pleasing or to express an idea, feeling or emotion. What do you do when making a quilt?

The Best of QuiltCon 2018″: Discussion about the colors used and your favorite color palette followed.

Laura shared, “Abstract Design in American Quilts at 50: Journey to Japan Virtual Gallery Walk Through”: Discussion about the similarity and differences in quilts from Japan compared to local work followed. Some people like to read the title and artist statement to get a better understanding of the maker’s intent.  Some people just make quilts and realize the quilt is reflecting an idea or feeling they are felling as they work.  Gayle puts a bit of fabric from previous quilts she has made in every new quilt, to link the connections together.  Mary thinks each person will react differently to the same image in a quilt and that is the one of the wonderful things about art. Lively and insightful discussions followed.

International Quilt Museum (IQM): As a member of the IEMQG you have access to the online resources at the IQM in Lincoln, Nebraska. Go to the website and input the following information, User: iemodernquiltguild@iemqguild and Password: Qui1ts!

Survey Results: Laura shared a summary of the recent survey that 20 members responded to. Members identified benefits of having in-person meetings, zoom meetings, and a combination.  There was not a majority consensus on the kind of meetings we should have in the future. Members appreciate high quality teachers, amount to pay for the classes varied. Members were split on selling items no longer used but were more positive about purchasing other’s items to fundraise for the guild. Three-quarters of our members agreed to work on a community quilt for QuiltCon. Laura took an informal poll on an in-person meeting time as the board is considering changing from 2 pm to 10 am.  There was much discussion about times, dates, and ability to participate if things change.  The board will look at sending out another formal survey to all members, with closed-ended questions, before deciding about future meeting times/dates. The survey results are as follows.


SHOW AND SHARE – The board has unanimously reversed an earlier decision to only share Modern Quilts at Show and Share.  Moving forward, please submit any quilt you are working on regardless of the type, to help us get to know each other through our work and to celebrate the wonderful creations we each make. Show and Share quilt photos can be submitted anytime to the  Quilts that arrive by the Monday preceding the general meeting will be included in that general meeting.  Photos that arrive after that will be held until the next general meeting.

MEET & EAT – The next Meet & Eat is scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 2021. We’ll be meeting from 9 am – 1 pm. Bring your lunch, a chair, show and shares, community group quilt triangles and join your quilty friends at the SSgt. Salvador J. LaraCasa Blanca Library.

We are going to test this as a hybrid meeting, and here is the zoom link:


October General Meeting, October 2, 10 – 11 am, Zoom (Note time change!).  Churn Dash challenge due (send picture of your quilt the Monday prior to the meeting to  You should still have plenty of time to finish your churn dash featuring alternate gridwork and negative space. Can’t wait to see what you all create!

Sampler Platter, October 2, from 12 – 3, zoom (hence time change above), email with link and PDF file for presentations will be sent prior to meeting.  Platter continues Sunday, October 3, noon to 3 as well.  The Sampler Platter is 15-minute lessons by well know quilt instructors from around the world.  Attend as many as you like courtesy of the IEMQG (we paid for members to be able to attend).

RETREAT AT VINA – We have two openings. If interested, let Barbara know ASAP.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – We are in need two volunteers from the general membership to join Laura and Patti on the committee. Nominating committee will recommend candidates for President, Programs, Communications, Treasurer, Secretary, Charity, and possibly other positions. If you are interested, please contact Laura or Patti.

SPOTLIGHT QUILTERS FOR UPCOMING MEETINGS – Who would you like to see spotlighted?  A quilt Con favorite instructor, a You-tuber, Blogger, favorite author?  Let Laura know if you have someone in mind you would like to know more about.  Would you like to give a 10–15-minute summary of a quilter at one of our Zoom meetings?  Let Laura know.

See you all next month!!

Blog · President's Message

President’s Message

Greetings, fellow quilters!  With the weather we’ve had the last few days, it looks like fall could be just around the corner!  Where did this year go!!?? Time flies when you’re having fun, and the IEMQG has plenty of fun to offer!

The Vina de Lestonnac Retreat is just around the corner in November – fall in wine country is beautiful! Can’t wait!  Berene introduced us to a fun swap project at our last meeting.  Laura is asking for a few more people to join in – looks like fun!  Then, several of us are participating in the QuiltCon Group Challenge blocks – we’ll be laying out the blocks and putting it together at the retreat in November.  It was a super simple string technique triangle with fabric provided – easy peasy!  The Churn Dash /Alternate Grid Challenge is due the Wednesday before the October meeting – I’m having some trouble with this one – anyone else??  Tune into the next Zoom Sit and Sew to get some direction on this, if you need it.  Our next Meet and Eat is at the Casa Blanca Library on September 18th in their outside  area. The time has been changed to hopefully beat the heat – 9am – 1pm.  The address is 2985 Madison St. in Riverside.

Whew! No wonder time is flying by!  We are busy, busy, busy!  I know I have a lot of my own projects thrown in there – there’s always a UFO lurking in the background wanting some attention!

I hear several people are attending QuiltCon – February 16 – 20, 2022 in Phoenix. Some have signed up for classes already – I’m sure it’s not too late to make plans to go!

FYI – We’re hoping to be meeting in person for our December 4th meeting – stay tuned  for updates and location.

I pray you’re all staying safe and healthy and keeping busy at your sewing machine!

Until next time!


Blog · Upcoming Meeting

Upcoming Guild Meetings

Fall is coming upon us quickly and we wanted to give you a head’s up on the upcoming meeting programs for the next few months. A couple need your participation, so we hope you can help out!

September Guild Meeting

For the September guild meeting, Laura is looking for members to provide input (photos) for “Favorite Quilts of Past Shows.” This part of the program will be about 45 minutes or more, so please send several photos. (We will also share survey results and the International Quilt Museum as time permits). Laura knows that many of us have some favorite quits from quilt shows that bring back fond memories of times with friends and great purchases. Maybe you are planning to go to QuiltCon or Road to CA, and you have been reminiscing about in-person quilt shows. Please sift through hard copy or on-line photos for your favorite quilts from quilt shows to send in your pictures. You can send them to us at or 760-684-9788. If you know the maker, date, show, size, or other details that would be nice, but we can just admire a great quilt through discussion or visual admiration. You might even copy and paste photos of your favorite quilt show quilts from the internet. Maybe you want to scour magazines, books, museums, or Pinterest. Let me know if you want to talk about your photos or you just want us to have an open discussion. We’d love to hear people answer, “What is it about this quilt that you love?” Photos will be due by August 31st; in one week. Label the subject of your photos, “September – Favorite Quilts.”

October Guild Meeting

We want to share a couple more Sewing Spaces/Studios. (It’s been a long Covid-19 isolation, and you have been in your sewing space). Can you share your sew space? If so, contact Laura. We will also share our churn dash top from our alternate grid challenge. Additionally we want to SPOTLIGHT A Favorite Modern Quilter”. Any suggestions? Would you like to talk about this person at the meeting or give Laura information to present? This “SPOTLIGHT A Favorite Modern Quilter” will be a recurring part of the meeting in the next year.

November Guild Meeting

Member University will be the program for this month. Do you have a skill you want to see or share from your home or by video? So far we have scheduled stockings by Christine and postcards and/or words on fabric by Patti. The sewing demo should be about 10 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions. 

Any questions or comments, please drop us a line at We appreciate any and all feedback!

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August 2021 Guild Meeting

Guild Mini Mod Swap

Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky introduced the guild swap project. Below are the key points of her presentation:

  • Fundraiser for scholarships to BIPOC, LGBTQ2SL+ and Indigenous people from Canada.  (Where Berene lives)
  • Berene has spoken to many guilds and raised over $10,000 so far.
  • She shared photos of two recent scholarship recipients.
  • Donate $5 by pay pal to the guild or a check to Candy.  The guild will send one check to Berene.
  • Additional donations can be made here.

Berene has designed the mini block patterns and the blocks finish at 2″x 2″. Some blocks are simple, like a four-patch or cross blocks, some are paper pieced and some are curved.

If you participate:

  • You will select a color group (warm, cool, or neutral).
  • You will select a background color (black, white, or gray).
  • You will receive a set of patterns.
  • You can get construction tips from Berene’s tutorials on YouTube.
  • You will make six blocks for yourself, and six blocks for four others in your group, a total of thirty blocks.
  • You will mail six blocks to each person, and you will receive six blocks from each person in your group, until you end up with thirty blocks.
  • You can use them to make a small quilt, or any number of projects suggested on her website
  • The projects are yours to keep.
  • You will receive an email from the inland empire modern quilt guild asking if you want to participate.
  • The email will include relevant due dates.
  • You will select your colors and provide a mailing address.
  • Once the groups are formed, you will receive all the directions, dates, and resources for help to complete your blocks.

The guild will have a show and share of the projects from this mini mod swap at our December meeting.


RETREAT AT VINA DE LESTONNAC: As a reminder our annual retreat this year is November 8, 9, and 10. There are a couple of spots available – if you are interested in joining the retreat, contact Barbara to reserve a spot. We are taking reservations from non-guild members at this time as well.

QUILTCON COMMUNITY QUILT OUTREACH CHALLENGE: Our guild is making a group quilt to hang at QuiltCon in Phoenix in February 2022. To participate, contact Patti or Lynn to receive a package of fabric, triangle template, and directions. As a recap, each participant is making six triangles and returning them by September 18, at the next Meet & Eat. You can also return the triangles by mail. The layout of the triangles/hexagons will be a joint project at the retreat in November. For additional information please refer to the QuiltCon Group Challenge information packet

MEET & EAT: The next Meet & Eat is scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 2021. We’ll be meeting from 9 am to 1 pm. Bring your lunch, a chair, show and shares, group quilt triangles and join your quilty friends at the SSgt. Salvador J. LaraCasa Blanca Library (Note the meeting time has changed in order to avoid the extreme heat in the middle of the afternoon).

CHURN DASH BLOCK CHALLENGE: This is your opportunity to work with an alternate grid and/or other elements of a modern quilt! All that’s need to participate is a photo of your quilt top or finished quilt. All entries due by the Wednesday before the October meeting. Send a photo to Laura at the guild’s email address,

“See” you next month – stay cool!

Block Swap · Blog · Featured Speaker

Upcoming August 2021 Meeting

Our guest speaker for our August 7th meeting is Berene Campbell, aka Happy Sew Lucky.  Berene is a Modern Quilt Guild member from Vancouver B.C. and has published several paper piecing patterns. She is best known for her charitable projects. She will speak about a mini-mod block swap for our guild. As a few of us recently participated in David Owen Hastings “Mini-Mid Mod Quilt” workshop, this will be an excellent opportunity to continue making these little gems!

The Mini-Mod Block Swap

The Mini Mod Swap was originally designed by Berene Campbell (aka Happy Sew Lucky) as a project for guilds to use to help members connect with each other during the pandemic. It is an optional swap in which participants make mini blocks for each other, based on a modern aesthetic.  Once received, each person chooses what to make with their blocks, so you can really get creative and have fun with your fellow guild members while you’re at it. There is also a charity component to the swap, with proceeds going towards the Handmade Collective Awards – a scholarship fund set up for for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students. 

For a small fee, swap participants will receive a full set of free Mini Mod block patterns and will be grouped into color families, warms, cools, and neutrals,  Each group of 5 or so makes five blocks for each group member (25 total). These mini blocks are super fast and fun to make, and are perfect for completing small projects like bags, thread catchers, and pillows.

Sneak peak!

Join us next week to hear more in-depth details on this swap!

Blog · IEMQG Meeting

July 2021 Guild Meeting Recap

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

In our President’s absence, Candy welcomed guests to the meeting. We kicked off the meeting program with Lynn Hanna’s final installment of “What is a Modern Quilt?”


Part 7 of the series is called “Updating Traditional Quilt Designs”. Lynn explained the three ways to update a traditional quilt design by changing the scale, altering the block shape or orientation, and color placement. She showed several examples of each. Sad to see this series end, but if you missed any part of the series, don’t worry, we will be doing a recap blog post next month including our top 3 quilt examples from each series.


As a reminder, we will show off our quilt tops (does not need to be quilted or bound) at the October meeting to give you plenty of time to complete the challenge. This is your opportunity to explore modern design utilizing an alternate grid layout or negative space, for example (pssst, this is a great time to use Lynn’s “What is a Modern Quilt” series for inspiration).  Also feel free to show off any drawings, pattern books, or practice blocks on Facebook and Instagram to inspire others. Our work in progress will hopefully get others enthused & inspired and lessen any apprehension. ICYMI, here’s the information sheet with all the details you need. If you have questions, please contact either Patti or Laura.

QuiltCon 2022 – PHOENIX, AZ

The upcoming QuiltCon is scheduled for February 16-20, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. The class schedule is now available. Discounted MQG member class registration begins on Wednesday, August 4th at 7 am PST. If you’re not sure right now if you want to attend QuiltCon or take any classes, you should at least register by November 2022, to receive your free pass (which is a perk included with your MQG membership). After November, there is a fee to get into the convention. Quilt entry submissions are being accepted between September 1 – October 31st. If your quilt(s) are chosen to be in the show, you will be notified by December 15th. Hope to see a bunch of IEMQG member quilts on display – if yours is selected, please let us know! By the way, on the QuiltCon website there is a newsletter you can sign up for so you don’t miss any important dates or details.

QuiltCon Community Quilt Outreach Challenge

We are pleased to announce that IEMQG will be participating in this challenge! The co-Chairs for this challenge are Patti and Lynn! The MQG launched this challenge which affords Guilds the opportunity to make a group quilt, enter it, display it at QuiltCon, and sell it to raise funds for Women of Color Quilters Network and the Navajo Quilt Project.

This year’s theme is angles and must be twin size, which is approximately 65” x 85”. There is a specific fabric line and color palette as well: Moda Bella Solids – White, Boysenberry (9900-217) , Geranium (9900-258), Amelia Orange (9900-161), Yellow (9900-24) and Fig Tree Olive (9900-69). We can use two colors only or all six!

Patti designed a modern hexagon quilt design. Each member interested in participating will make six triangles. A packet has been created with all the supplies required to make the six blocks. Packets will be distributed at the July 17th Meet and Eat and collected at the September Meet and Eat. If you are unable to attend the July Meet and Eat, alternate arrangements can be made for receiving a packet.

We hope you will participate in this awesome opportunity! For additional information, please read the QuiltCon Group Challenge information packet.


MEET & EAT: We have a Meet & Eat scheduled for Saturday, July 17, 2021. We’ll be meeting from 11 am to 3 pm. Bring your lunch, show and shares, and join your quilty friends at the SSgt. Salvador J. LaraCasa Blanca Library (Note this is a new location).

SURVEY: A survey was emailed to all members last month. Results will be revealed soon – stay tuned!

BOLO ALERT: We have a guild block swap in the works and will be discussed in greater detail at our August meeting. Additional details will be provide in a separate blog post in a couple weeks.


Blog · Featured Speaker · IEMQG Meeting

June 2021 Guild Meeting

The Guild had the pleasure of having David Owen Hastings as our guest speaker for the June meeting. His lecture was entitled, “Minimal Design, Maximum Impact”.

A little about David’s history: David lives in Sequim, Washington, he was the 2020 President of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, he’s a quilter, graphic designer, and a print and textile artist. His modern aesthetic is by far minimalism.

PART I – HISTORY OF MODERN QUILTING: David provided the definition of Modern Quilting as bold, simple designs; high contrast areas; expansive use of negative space; and large scale minimalism. He provided several examples of early influences and influencers such as Amish Quilts, Quilts of Gee’s Bend, Gwen Marston, Nancy Crow, Yoshiko Jinzenji, Denyse Schmidt, Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle, the Flickr group: Fresh Modern Quilts, and the founders of the MQG, Alissa Haight Carlton and Latifah Saafir.

PART II – INSPIRATION: David introduced us to three (3) modern quilters who have inspired him – Carson Converse, Erick Wolfmeyer and Pamela Wiley.

PART III – PROCESS: David’s recipe for successful minimalism are elegantly sophisticated, variations on a theme, simple, bold palette and quietly impactful. Dave ended with design concepts to keep in mind: spare, simple compositions for a clean, modern look. He said something that we need to hear at times, “when in doubt, take it out” to achieve your modern design concept.

David provided an overview of his lectures and workshops. There are some links below on how to join a few of them.


Happy Birthday IEMQG

The guild celebrated it’s 5th birthday! Members wore their party hats (even David) in commemoration! We had the honor of having our founding President and current member, Michele Nichols, take us down memory lane with her presentation entitled, “How the IEMQG was Born”. Thank you Michele!! (see the website for a blog post dedicated to Michele’s presentation).


JUNE 12TH WORKSHOP: There are still 6 spots available for David Owen Hastings workshop “Mini Mid-Mod Quilts” on Saturday, June 12th from 2pm – 5 pm. Contact Laura Greene for details.

MEET & EAT: We have a Meet & Eat scheduled for Saturday, July 17, 2021. We’ll be meeting from 11 am to 3 pm. Bring your lunch, show and shares, a chair and join in with friends at Shamel Park, Riverside. Please note there may be a location change to the Casa Blanca Library. If this changes, you will be notified at the next meeting and/or via email.

SURVEY: A survey was emailed to all members last week. Please complete by Thursday, June 10th. Results will be revealed at our next guild meeting in July.

RETREAT: The November 8th – 10th retreat at Vina de Lestonnac in Temecula is full. If you’d like to be placed on the wait list, please contact Barbara Mathews.

***Links as referenced in David Owen Hastings’ lecture for future reference:***


Souls Grown Deep Foundation — Gees Bend Quilters

Flickr – Fresh Modern Quilts

Book – Modern Quilts, Designs of the New Century


Carson Converse

Carson Converse at Quilt National (youtube)

Erick Wolfmeyer

Seven Quilts by Erick Wolfmeyer: gallery walk through (youtube)

Pamela Wiley

Pamela Wiley with West Elm (youtube)


David Owen Hastings — Open Enrollment Workshops & Lectures

David Owen Hastings — Instagram


Northwind Art

Minnesota Quilters Show (search for “Hastings”)

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

See you next month!!

Blog · Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild

Happy Birthday IEMQG!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!! In light of the guild’s 5th birthday, we thought a walk down memory lane was very appropriate! As such, we were honored that our founding President & member, Michele Nichols, agreed to share with us the how the guild became to be.

“How the IEMQG was Born” by Michele Nichols (founding & current member)

Hello! I’d like to share with you the early history of the IEMQG on our 5th birthday.

Monthly during 2013 and 2014, I drove all the way into Los Angeles to attend LAMQG meetings. You may not know that the MQG was started in Los Angeles in 2009 by Alyssa Haight-Carlton and Latifah Saafir. They and the entire group were young, energetic, and at the leading edge of the modern quilt movement. It was easy to get caught up in their energy.

In 2013, I don’t remember the month, I traveled to the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild to help Latifah who was presenting an introduction to modern quilting.  One of the first people I met was Candy.  After that, I often saw her at the LAMQG meetings; a new friend exploring “modern” quilting. The idea of starting a group closer to my home in Rancho Cucamonga began to grow.  I left flyers out at Road2CA in 2014, advertising “Friends of the MQG” with meetings at The Quilt Loft fabric store in Upland.  That’s how I met those of you who have been a part of this body from the beginning (Gayle, Helen, Laura, Kim, Marsha, Mary, and Pat).  Candy, Deb L, and others from the desert cities drove the 100 miles to attend meetings right from the start.

The Friends Group was a non-dues paying group interested in exploring “modern” quilt design, but was not officially affiliated with The MQG. I set up a website to advertise the group and we added many new members. We met on Monday evenings to accommodate people who worked during the day. No one knows this, but I chose Mondays because my kids spent those evenings with their dad and I knew I would always be available.

We organized group sewing challenges (Crayon), attended quilt shows together (local and QuiltCon), displayed our quilts to the public at a coffee shop (Klatch Coffee in Rancho Cucamonga) and a book store (in Claremont).  Our first guest speaker was the effusive Sandra Johnson, whom we paid by collecting door fees.  Of course, my favorite part was the Show and Tell during the meetings. I so enjoyed seeing everyone’s creations.

During the spring of 2016, I was approached by Laura Kong to join her and a group of her friends to establish an official MQG affiliate group.  She had already found a meeting space at the newly opened Garcia Center for the Arts in San Bernardino.  Several of us held a Meet and Greet in June to see if there was any interest.  We had an amazing turnout of over 50 people.  So Laura K, Gayle, Pat, Laura G and I went all-in and started the IEMQG.

Over the next two months, we submitted our application to The MQG, designed a logo, chose officers, wrote by-laws, opened a bank account, secured liability insurance, contacted the IRS and Franchise Tax Board, set up a website, and planned programs.  Whew!  So much work, but sooooo worth it.  Sadly, we lost a few Board members in the subsequent months, including Laura K.  Our first paid speaker was, appropriately, Latifah.  Wow, it was painful to nearly empty our bank account to write that large speaker fee check.

I moved to Portland in 2017 and sadly had to say goodbye.  Words cannot express how happy I am that Gayle and Laura have continued to grow the IEMQG through their superb leadership.  They and everyone on the Board are talented, creative, organized, and tireless.

I named this post “How the IEMQG was Born” because it truly is a living thing.  Gestated over months, even years, growing members and knowledge, exploring color and form, showcasing talent, and building friendships. 

Happy quilting,


Thank you so much Michele!!

Blog · Featured Speaker · IEMQG Meeting

Upcoming June Meeting – David Owen Hastings

We are sew excited to have David as our featured speaker next month! He will be presenting his lecture, “Minimal Design, Maximum Impact”. David is a modern quilter, graphic designer, print and textile artist, and was the 2020 President of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. He creates richly layered contemporary artwork and modern minimal quilt and textile designs. For over 20 years, David has exhibited his stitched paper artwork in galleries and juried shows and worked exclusively with nonprofit organizations on their branding and communications.

David’s creative approach to modern quilting has led to a busy schedule of workshops and lectures on quilting, branding for artists, fine art and textile techniques. Sharing knowledge, encouraging creativity, and teaching new skills are personal passions. He also loves to travel, especially in Asia, and enjoys sharing his experiences and inspiration through travel photos and stories.

David will also be conducting a workshop on Saturday, June 12th from 2pm -5pm called “Mini Mid-Mod Quilts”:

Work small, work smart, look great.

These charming little quilts are inspired by Mid-Century Modern design, and are a great skill-building project to learn a number of quilting techniques.

You’ll start with a simple, modern color palette of neutral fabrics with a flash of color. Clean lines combined with simple design give each tiny composition a sophisticated feeling. Since we are working very small, this is a great project for using small scraps and bits of special fabric. There are still spots available for this workshop for both members and non-members. The fee is $40 and can be paid via PayPal as described below. Please join us for an afternoon that won’t disappoint!

In the meantime, check out his website for inspiration prior to our meeting on June 5th. You can also find him on Facebook (David Owne Hastings) and Instagram as @davidowenhastings.

Guests are welcome!!! Guest fee of $5 for non-members can be paid via PayPal to no later than June 4th. The Zoom link will be sent prior to the meeting. If you are unfamiliar with making a payment via PayPal, here’s a helpful link.

Reminder: Please note there will be no Show & Share at this meeting and we will continue with Lynn Hanna’s ‘What is a Modern Quilt’ series in July.

Blog · IEMQG Meeting

May 2021 Guild Meeting

May’s program was called “What was I Thinking?!?!” – Stories of purchase mistakes. Members spoke about epic fails – Laura’s attempt at DIY spray baste and Barbara’s 3D software kit for her Husqvarna to purchases that were still wrapped in plastic. The number one purchase mistakes seemed to be RULERS!!! It seems we are most vulnerable to ruler purchases when they are being demonstrated at Quilt Shows!

Ahem…, here are some of the rulers bought and regret followed shortly thereafter: Jaybird’s Sidekick and Hex N More rulers, Stripology ruler, Creative Grids Face Mask Template and Janet Platt’s Quick Point & Scallop rulers. Other product offenders were the Curve Master Presser Foot and Cheryl Ann’s Portable Design Wall.

Members thought it would be beneficial (and sew fun) to do product shares after next year’s Road to California show. Stay tuned!

IEMQG SUMMER 2021 ALTERNATE GRID CHALLENGE – Featuring the Churn Dash Block:

Let’s get modern with an alternate layout or negative space using a CHURN DASH block!
Here’s an opportunity to practice and experiment with making a quilt top (no need to have it quilted). You choose the size, color, and placement. You determine the alternate grid with negative space, rotation, slicing, or deleted parts. We will show off our quilt tops at the October meeting to give you plenty of time to complete the challenge. Let’s show off any drawings, pattern books, or practice blocks on Facebook and Instagram to inspire others. Our work in progress will hopefully get others enthused & inspired and lessen any apprehension.

Laura loves the wonky rectangle Churn Dash that Patti showed in the information sheet sent with the last week’s Zoom invitation. Laura’s blocks are solid blues and greens on snow white Kona. She’s planning on only using 5 Churn Dashes with plenty of negative space.


We continued with Lynn Hanna’s ‘What is a Modern Quilt?’ series, Part 6. Lynn showed examples of Negative Space quilts. Don’t miss Part 7 (and final installation) – ‘Updating Traditional Quilt Designs’ in July! If you missed any part of the series, don’t worry, we will be doing a recap blog post including our top 3 quilt examples from each series. Yay!

Be sure to check out the Share and Show photos for this month on our Facebook and Instagram sites.


MEET & EAT: We have a Meet & Eat scheduled for Saturday, May 15, 2021. We’ll be meeting from 11 am to 3 pm. Bring your lunch, show and shares, a chair and join in with friends at Shamel Park, Riverside. It is just off the 91 freeway (Arlington Exit). The address is 3650 Arlington Ave, Riverside, California. Gayle will be in attendance to collect any charity quilts. If you need batting, please contact her with your size requirement(s). We hope you can join us for a fun afternoon of sewcializing!!

GLOBAL QUILT CONNECTIONS: Just a reminder to keep Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23 from 12 pm to 3 pm PST open for the “All Star Virtual Sampler Platter Event” which will feature an All-Star cast of 18 quilt teachers will demonstrate some of their favorite quilting techniques over two different days. You will receive a PDF that includes written instructions to go along with each teacher’s demonstration, as well as a page with tips for making the most of the live demonstrations and the Zoom link.  Be on the lookout for this email going out on or about May 17th. If you don’t receive it, please contact us at We look forward to hearing your feedback on the teachers that interested you the most (or least) – drop us a note at your convenience.

MINI MID-MOD QUILT WORKSHOP WITH DAVID OWEN HASTINGS: Join us for an afternoon of fun on Saturday, June 12th from 2pm-5pm. You will be making charming little quilts that are inspired by Mid-Century Modern design, and are a great skill-building project to learn a number of quilting techniques. They are too cute to pass up!

There are still spots available for this workshop for both members and non-members. The fee is $40 and can be paid via PayPal to If you are unfamiliar with making a payment via PayPal, here’s a helpful link.

2021 RETREAT UPDATE: Our annual retreat this year is at Vina de Lestonnac in Temecula and is scheduled for November 8-10th. We have filled the 22 spots available, but we have started a Wait List in the event a spot opens up. Please contact us at if you would like to be added.

BOLO ALERT: Be on the lookout for our SurveyMonkey poll coming soon to your inbox! Please complete as we value your input and comments.

That’s all – see you again next month!!