Guild Job Descriptions

Are you interested in becoming an active member of our guild’s leadership team or filling a role as a committee chairperson?  We can always use your help!  We have documented the roles and responsibilities along with a time estimate for each of the jobs below.

Annual elections are conducted in November each year, but there are always opportunities within the IEMQG to become involved so please let us know! For more information regarding the annual nominating and election process, please see our Bylaws tab and also the Nominating Committee Process!

Our Executive Board Roles: (Note:  Once you click on the link, it will open as a ‘pdf’ document for viewing)

President Duties

Secretary Duties

Treasurer Duties

VP of Communications Duties

VP of Programs Duties

Committee Chairperson Roles:

Block Lotto Chairperson Duties

Charity Chairperson Duties

Raffles Chairperson Duties

Social Media Chairperson Duties

Upcycling Chairperson Duties

Welcome_Hospitality Chairperson Duties