Nominating Committee Process

Nominating Committee Members Shall:

  1. Committee to be formed during the month of August through (1) appointment of a Nominating Committee Chairperson by the Executive Board, (1) additional member from the general membership as appointed by the Executive Board and (1) additional member selected by the Nominating Committee Chairperson. A total of three (3) members herein to be referred to as ‘the Committee’.
  2. The Committee will serve to represent the membership of the Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild (IEMQG) through the annual officer election process by abiding by the Guild’s established nomination and election bylaws (Article VII. Section 1) attached.
  3. Nominating Committee Members will be responsible for:
    1. Review of the provided job duty descriptions provided by the Executive Board in both hard copy and/or online through our website at
    2. Evaluation of all recommendations received from the Executive Board regarding continuing and vacancies within the Guild’s officers and committees.
    3. Solicitation of the guild’s membership by email and/or phone to determine suitability and interest.
    4. Provide information regarding various duties and committees to interested guild members through job duties provided by the Executive Board (and further available on the IEMQG website at
  4. Timeline for the election process as follows:
    1. July – Nomination Committee
      1. The Executive Board will evaluate a list of possible candidates to form the Nomination Committee for the annual election. Discussion of a possible chairperson and one additional member from the general membership is also determined.
    2. August – Evaluation of current positions
      1. The Executive Board will discuss and evaluate the possibility of returning officers/chairpersons and make recommendations for replacements during the month of August.
      2. The Guild President will confirm the final Nominating Committee Chairperson and additional member, enlist the Chairperson to recommend one additional member to finalize the Committee. The finalized Committee will be announced at the August meeting to the general membership.
  • These recommendations (names) will be provided to the Committee for further review/consideration during the nomination period.
  1. September – Announcement & Nominations
    1. During the September general meeting, discussion of the guild’s positions and committee duties will be shared with the membership for interest by its members.
    2. President will announce the final Nomination Committee Members to the general membership and vacancies will be announced.
  • The Committee will have the authority to utilize the recommended officers/chairpersons remaining or solicit the general membership to fill positions with new members.
  1. Committee members will meet (in person or telephonically) to evaluate recommendations by the Board. At this time, they will determine additional names and/or begin contacting guild members via phone and/or email to solicit interest for guild positions.
  1. October – Solicitation of membership for officers & Slate of nominees announced
    1. Committee to announce a slate of officers and chairpersons for each position within the Guild.
    2. General membership is solicited to determine any additional interested parties to be added to the slate of nominees. (note: nominated individuals must be willing to approve any nominations)
  • In the event positions have more than one candidate, an electronic ballot process will be utilized to provide all members an opportunity to participate. This will be done via Survey Monkey and the Committee will contact the current President and/or VP of Communications for assistance in creating the online voting ballot.
  1. November – Election of officers and chairpersons finalized
    1. Election results will be announced and ratified by the guild general membership
  2. December – Transition
    1. Officers leaving guild positions will be responsible for handing off duties as well as answering any questions for incoming officers during the month.
    2. New officers to attend Executive Board meeting – communicated via the website monthly
  3. January – New officers assume office and are posted via the website (all changes are communicated to MQG and SCCQG)



Section 1.

Nominations of Executive Board

During the August board meeting, the Executive Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee Chairperson. The committee will consist of two additional members: one member from the General Membership appointed by the Executive Board and one member from the General Membership to be determined by the committee chairperson.

The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of nominees for each office on the Executive Board to the General Membership at the October meeting.

Additional nominations may be made at the October meeting from the General Membership.  Nominees must have given consent for the nomination.

All nominations shall be published until the day of the vote on the guild website.

Nominations may be made from the General Membership with the consent of the nominee on the day of the election and are not subject prior publication.


Section 2.

Election of Executive Board

The election shall take place at the General Meeting in November.  Officers will win by simple majority vote.  Voting shall be by voice, show of hands, or by ballot.  In the case of a tie, the outgoing President will make a tie-breaking vote.


Section 3.

Officers shall serve a one-year term.  Officers will have no term limits if unopposed.


Section 4.

A list of the duties and descriptions for each officer position shall be made available on the Guild website.