2023 Community Outreach Quilt

The Modern Quilt Guild’s theme for the 2023 Community Outreach Challenge is ColorShift

Participating Guilds are making quilts that show a color shift or gradient in the piecing. IEMQG selected a shift from Deep Navy Blue to Teal to Lime Green.

Additionally, we’ve selected a quilt as our inspiration

Inspiration quilt by Saija Kiiskinen @saija_elina

Sewing Day 1: August 10th

We finished our Quilt !

After 3 full sewing days, Quilting by Kelley Bachli and binding by Sharon Berg and Patti Reyes, our quilt is finished and ready for QuiltCon 2023. We had a naming contest with seven clever entries. Members voted for their favorite and Kelley Bachli’s entry “Into the Deep” won. Congratulations Kelley! Thank you to all of our Members who contributed to this fantastic quilt.