2018 IEMQG Challenges – Negative Space & The Song Title Challenge

Do you want to stretch your modern quilting skills this year?  As discussed in our January General Meeting, we have two challenges this year to do exactly that!  Details for both as well as the respective dates they are due are noted below.  We are also honored to have Linda Rasmussen join us again to help ‘judge’ our projects.  We’re excited to see everyone’s quilty creations and hope many of you will participate!

Negative Space Challenge – Due in April at our meeting on April 7th
Details are simple, create a quilt project that demonstrates the use of ‘negative space’.  Not really sure what that means exactly?  Check out this blog post with some amazing examples depicting the ‘Use of Negative Space’ by the National Modern Quilt Guild here

Song Title Challenge – Due in September at our meeting on September 1st; Song titles will be drawn beginning in March at our meeting on March 3rd
Stretch your creative quilting skills by using a random song title, drawn from Gayle’s ‘jukebox’ of 500 songs, to create a project that best depicts the song, lyrics, group or theme of the song that is drawn.  You’ll have an option to swap your selection and pick again, but you’ll need to make a $5 donation to our Guild to do that!  We think this fun and creative project will stretch us all to ‘challenge’ our skills and use our imagination to create some quilty magic!

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