Upcoming Meeting Reminder and a Note From Our President

What do 360’s, black widows, Panoche, and Mark Ryder have in common? Well, they are all in the stories of my life. I’m looking forward to sharing snippets of my quilting adventures while explaining my transition to modern quilting.

Charlene Drake is sharing a bright and energetic PowerPoint of one of her favorite quilters. Her Spotlight Quilter talk should be inspirational (and a surprise).

I can’t waif for our next IEMQG meeting this coming Saturday (May 5th)! The Arlanza Library in Riverside is a beautiful place to have a meeting. I’ll see you at 2 pm. Hey, don’t forget your name tag, show and share, charity quilt, and Up-Sale items to donate.

Oh, and if you are going to our first annual retreat, bring $160. You can pay with cash, check, or PayPal. Gayle visited the Hive and has more info on the event.

–Laura Greene
President, Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild
facebook: ie modern quilt Guild
instagram: iemqg

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