Block Lotto

July/August 2019 Block Lotto – Fibo’s Sister

Fibo’s Sister Block is designed using the Rule of Thirds, which some may say is a sister to the Fibonacci Sequence Rule. Using math to help create & design is always a plus. (No pun intended.)

Please make your IEMQG Block Lotto blocks in July & August and bring them to our IEMQG meeting in September.

Fibo’s Sister is a mix between improv made fabric and the Rule of Thirds. The rule of thirds is a “general guideline” for creating a composition. It’s applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section. It looks something like the following photograph


When following the instructions, you can make 4 blocks at once. You will need at least 5 warm colored strips of fabric and low volume fabric.


~ 16, 2”x15” strips from the warm colored fabric. This will be used to make the improv made fabric which will be but into 4, 6.5”x6.5” squares.

~ 4, 6.5”x3.5” rectangles from your low volume fabric

~ 4, 9.5”x3.5 rectangles from the same low volume fabric used for the 6.5”x3.5” rectangles.

In the photo above I used a variety of strips cut at 2”, 1.5” and 1.25”. DON’T DO THIS!!!
Keep it simple and just cut all your strips to 2”x15”. (I have a hard time doing simple.)

To make your improv made fabric lay one strip face down on another strip of a different color at a wonky angle. Sew along the right edge of the top fabric as in the photo below.

Trim off the excess seam allowance. I like to press my seam to one side before I sew the next strip on.

Repeat this process of placing the new strip at a wonky angle, sewing, trimming the excess seam allowance, and pressing. Soon you’ll have your improv made fabric.

Make sure your improv made fabric ends up at least 15”x15”.

Next trim your improv made fabric into 4 squares that measure 6.5”x6.5”.

Next sew the shorter rectangle, 6.5”x3.5”, to the top of one of the improv made squares and press to the darker fabric.

Next sew the 3.5”x9.5” rectangle onto the left side of the Fibo’s Block and press the seam to the darker fabric.

For our IEMQG Block Lotto leave your Fibo’s Sister blocks as individual blocks. Here is one what you can sew them together.

Happy Sewing!