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July 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2019
Jennifer Adams’ Residence – Corona, CA

The meeting was called to order at 06:57 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Gayle, Jennifer, Cat, Path, Ruthann, Shelley and Simone

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer (Cat)

Bank Balance Report – Chase statement distributed along with a check register. Cat shared that there is still a consistent discrepancy in the balance reflected in the checking account statement and the Income and Expense Report.  The Income and Expense Report will be updated and saved to the Google shared drive. 

Fundraising (Gayle for Laura)

Fundraising: Sale/Craft Fair Events – Nite Owl Sale – July 25th – Gayle has paid the fee for the table, $20.  She will handle processing payments and reimburse the Guild once the sale is complete, less the table fee. Sale is free to enter and will be in Rancho Cucamonga at the Senior Center at Central Park on the corner of Milliken and Baseline. Pat, Cat and Gayle will help staff the booth.  The sale runs from 6-8:30pm.

Mountain Shadows, Highland – October 12th – Gayle said our Guild was invited to participate. Gayle mentioned that she will talk with Laura when she returns as she is worried that we may run out of items (craft/made) to sell with both sales in the 4th quarter. Since a commitment was extended, we will need to divide items that are made to allow participation in both craft sale events.

Kris Kringle Craft Fair, Ontario – December 4th – $15 fee for this event to participate, due in August.  Gayle will handle payment.  This event will be well attended and Gayle shared that the items most desired are pet-related.

Opportunity Quilt Discussion (Cat/All)

Cat shared that there is a benefits specialist, Joel Marcus she met recently at SCCQG. Joel offered to come purchase quilts made by the Guild for distribution through the Hospice locations. He spoke briefly at the SCCQG meeting that she recently attended.

Cat shared the latest timeline with everyone.  We are currently on schedule.  All half quarter blocks have been completed and returned.  Cat will solicit members to hold a small sit-and-sew or two to sew the blocks together. Pat will handle block placement as she has a good eye for design.  The group discussed options for maintaining a consistent ¼” seam through blocks pieced during the sit-and-sews by members.

The Board agreed that we will need to have a table to sell raffle tickets at Road one day during the conference; Saturday is preferred, but the day is determined by Road based on first come, first assigned.  Participating guilds must perform 20 hours white glove service per day each raffle quilt is displayed, Sunday is 10 hours per day.  Minimum shift is two hours. Ultimately our guild will need 10 people to do 2 hours each as we are hoping to get a Saturday slot. Gayle will email Sharon Chaffino about our opportunity quilt and will report back with the final dates for submission of the quilt (photo) and or volunteer hours (depending on the date we are given).

We discussed the opportunity sale tickets process – printing tickets as well as photo cards for the guild. Budget for the materials is $500; currently we are about $200 spent in fabric.  Pat shared that the full budget should be planned.  Ticket prices will be $1.00/each and $5.00/6-tickets.  We will not make the sale of tickets to the Guild membership mandatory, but rather encourage the importance of participation. Cat discussed reaching out to SCCQG about having a booth at one of their meetings this year as well as utilize any online promotion of our charity quilt. Ontario Museum (and Chaffey) and Kawanis Club may be options.

Programs (Shelley/All)

July – Christine Sharp – Riverside Main Library

Aug – Natalie Barnes for Aurifil with Pop-up Shop – Riverside Main Library

Sept – What Was I Thinking? – Riverside Main Library

October – Elizabeth Eastman Lecture – Cost? – Riverside Main Library

Nov – Member University (Christine/Slice & Dice, Cat/6 Minute Circle, Simone/Paper Piecing, Laura/TBD– Location- PENDING Casa Blanca (Jen will call to ask if even a possibility)

Dec – Holiday Party/ Sweet and Savory.  Food sign ups? Location – PENDING Casa Blanca

Jan – TENTATIVE – Workshop event with Elizabeth Eastman or Colleen Granger



Shelley mentioned she will be leaving in August.  We discussed the importance of working through the 2020 calendar to plan out activities/events.  Shelley mentioned we should also plan on doing a ‘fun event’ in January as we did last year with (Colorwerx). 

Westwind Community Center, Riverside Driver just west of Archibald (off 60) $65 fee plus, $20 per hour.  We could offset the cost for the center’s fee through workshop fees.  Shelley mentioned the Janet Goetske Center again as they may still be a viable option for no fee since we are ‘open to the public’. Shelley will try again to each Andre and Jen will help her if she can’t reach him. Last option is Colony High School’s city library location. They have a room that will fit about 12 people.  The room has large tables suitable for cutting, however, it won’t work well for larger groups.  They do not allow food, but the fee is $45 for the day. There is a small area to eat lunch outside for workshops.

Gayle shared that Aurafil/Natalie Barnes’ presentation is not free, fee is $200 plus mileage for the August meeting.  Shelley made a motion to approve the funds, Ruthann seconded the motion. Gayle will finalize the contract and save a copy in the shared drive.  Natalie mentioned that Aurafil will also bring a pop-up shop for the meeting/lecture along with swag bags.  We will be charging $5 for visitors for this event.  Jen will promote the event on social media and the website.

Charity Report (Rachel/Jessica sent to Gayle)

We donated to Paradise after the fires 14 quilts. Calicinto Ranch received 14 quilts from the guild.  We also sent four quilts to Youth Hope.

Home Instead senior’s wheelchair blanket project – we are collecting at the beginning of December.

Membership/Monthly Update (Ruthann)

We are in the realm of half price dues as we are halfway through the year.  Judy Racine will be taking over for Ruthann while she is on maternity.  Ruthann will coordinate a handoff with Judy in August and make sure she’s ready for September for membership renewal.

Road/Atrium/Lobby Exhibit (Gayle/All)

Gayle will confirm the date that we need to submit pictures for the lobby exhibit.

Retreat/Status and Action Item

Jen asked for $220 for goody bags for the attendees.  Ruthann agreed to make a motion to approve the funds; Shelly seconded the motion – approved. Jen will revisit prizes (3) once the goody bags are complete.

New Business

Just cake! We had a nice cake in recognition of Ruthann’s upcoming new arrival.  Congratulations to Ruthann!

Next Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be at the home of Simone Bradford on August 15th at 7pm. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Adams in the absence of Becky Brekke, Secretary

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