Upcoming March 2020 Meeting

Next week our meeting will be held at the Downtown Main Riverside Library, upstairs in the General Meeting Room. It will begin at 2 p.m.

Things for you to bring:
1– 4″ x 3″ scraps of fabric in 12 rainbow hues; this will give you a chance to reinforce Simone’s lecture from February
2–Background fabric scraps (see the dark fill-in around the rainbow points, below) Avoid batiks. They are hard to needle, and often don’t like to ease into place. Another brand I avoid is Art Gallery as their fabric base is similar to a batik. (Both are wonderful for regular quilting, though!)
3–Basic Sewing Supplies: needle, neutral thread (or ring of bobbins in all different colors), scissors and a thimble if you use it. Some also like to use thread conditioner when they hand sew. If you do, bring that as well.
4–Fabric gluestick. I’ll have regular gluesticks available for purchase, but fabric gluesticks are narrower width and water-soluble, too. I like the Fons and Porter brand as it’s less sticky; it is sold at JoAnn’s. Start looking for it now, as they often run out.
5– Kit fee of $3.00–please bring exact change.
6–Paper scissors, for cutting apart your pattern.

Please also remember your Block Lotto blocks for our drawing. The more you make and bring, the better your chances of winning them all!

ONE MORE MONTH until our 2020 Guild Challenge, with the theme of Urban, and using at least four square inches of the challenge fabric: Lapis (blue) from Painter’s Palette line of solids. Decide on your design and start sewing now!