Face Mask Sewing for COVID-19

Due to the generosity of a sewist in Riverside, we have available free 10-yard skeins of elastic cording. It’s a soft cord, slightly stretchy, about 1/8″ in diameter, which would work fine for all the face masks we are making now. She received it free from Rao at FabricMade. Please consider supporting Rao’s shop on ETSY.

Northern Riverside
Please email Elizabeth E. at if you are interested. She’ll have a basket on her front porch starting tomorrow, where she’ll place the skeins. If you have her address from the Guild Address List online, you don’t need to contact her ahead of time.

Southern Riverside
There is also a South Riverside/Corona pick-up spot as well. Her name is Elin (not a member of our guild, but she asked me to get the word out). She lives about 5 minutes off the 91/La Sierra exit. She also has a basket on her front porch. Please text her if you will be coming in order to get her address: 951-204-7504

Elizabeth has written two blog posts about making masks, here and here, if you are wanting information about mask making; be sure to read the comments as many have left great tips about mask making. There are also links to those who are requesting masks on the Raincross Quilt Guild site for ChildHelp, as well as Kaiser OB/GYN. The need is all around us, if you can help. Sometimes it’s hard to make these, so if you feel you can’t, don’t feel badly. But for those who can, there is a serious need right now.


Basic Pattern from New York Times

Orange Dot Quilts Free Pattern

Craft Passion Sculpted Mask Pattern

CraftyQuilter Face Mask

Note from Elizabeth: I’ve tried the first two. If you interface it with a non-woven (Pellon) interfacing, it will be more resistent to droplets. None of these are COVID-proof so don’t let them give you a false sense of security, but the CDC has asked us all to wear masks. I’m trying the last one (Craft Passion) this week. For the Grandmas out there, here’s a photo of the mask with embroidery from Instagram:

The new motto from Riverside County is:
Stay in Place • Maintain 6′ Space • Cover Your Face (And wash your hands!)

Reminder: All Inland Empire Quilt Guild Activities are cancelled for the month of April (General Meeting, Board Meeting, Sit and Sew)