Ontario Museum of History & Art Quilt Exhibit Submission Guidelines & Application

As discussed at our last general meeting, our guild has been invited to participate in a quilt exhibit this December at the Ontario Museum of History & Art.  Guidelines for submission are provided below.  The deadline for entries is 3 pm PST Monday, September 17th.  However, in the event you have a quilt top that is ready, but not quilted or bound, you can still submit your entry provided it is completed and ready no later than Friday, November 30th.

In an effort to streamline the drop-off process, quilts can be brought to our November meeting and given to Gayle.  The application to submit your quilt (a fillable PDF) is available here.  This form must be completed and emailed to the Museum’s Assistant Curator, Leslie Matamoros at along with two digital pictures of the quilt (one full view and one detail) prior to September 15th.  Please note that quilts can be no larger than 48″ wide by 54″ long and must have a 4″ sleeve secured to the entire width of the top edge of the back (minus 1/4″ on each side).  Instructions for adding a quilt sleeve to your quilt are available here.  Feel free to contact Gayle or any member of the Executive Board regarding any questions.

Ontario Museum of History & Art
225 South Euclid Avenue
Ontario, California 91762
Phone: (909) 395-2510
Contact: Leslie Matamoros, Assistant Curator

 Each entry must include two (2) digital images (.jpg), a detail and a full view, 150 dpi.
 Please use the application form and two photos for each entry.
 Items must consist of three (3) distinct layers: top, middle layer, and backing and must be quilted by hand and/or machine.
 No quilts over 48” wide by 54” long will be accepted.
 Securely attach a 4” sleeve to the entire width of the top edge of the back of your quilt minus ¼” inch on each side.
 Quilts without sleeves will not be displayed in the exhibit.
 No rigid frames, rods or mounting devices may accompany quilt entries.
 No Multiple panel entries
 Items must be labeled with the quiltmaker’s name, return information and the year the item was completed.
 Items should arrive clean, free of pet hairs and strong odors.
 The museum reserves the right to not display the item if the quality or conditions do not meet the museum’s standards upon hands-on inspection.
 DO NOT ship items. Each item must be labeled and delivered in its own separate box or plastic envelope/bag in person.
 Each item must be enclosed in a plastic bag appropriate to the size of the entry. No dress boxes, tubes or packing pellets will be accepted.
DEADLINE: The deadline for entries is 3 PM PST Monday, September 15, 2018
The exhibit will close on December 30, 2018 at 4 PM.
Items on exhibit may not be removed early for any reason.

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