Block Lotto

September/October Block Lotto – Tipsy Twofer

Tipsy Twofer is a combination of two blocks in one; the Drunkard’s Path & Drunkard’s Trail. I combined them into one block so you get a twofer. See the sample & tutorial below.

Please make your IEMQG Block Lotto blocks in September & October and bring them to our IEMQG meeting in November. You can make them in any combination of white low volume background and black patterned template pieces, or you can reverse them, and have a black background patterned fabric with white low volume template pieces. You’ll need the templates for your Tipsy Twofer block and you can download the Tipsy Twofer PDF instructions here.

PREPARATION: Starch all fabric, cut out templates A & B from the PDF download.

STEP 1: Cut a 7.5” x 7.5” square of low volume fabric. Fold in half and finger press, open and fold in half in the other direction and finger press again.

STEP 2: Using templates A & B cut out contrasting fabric.

STEP 3: Line up A & B on the 7.5” x 7.5” low volume square using finger pressed lines as guides.

Pin in place.

STEP 4: Raw edge appliqué ⅛” from edge on A & B as show in PDF download.

Here’s a close up of how I used the creases to line up one of the appliqué pieces.

Done! It’s that easy!!!

Here’s a sample of how I’m laying out my blocks.