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September 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2019
JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, Ontario, CA 91764

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Gayle, Jennifer, Cat, Simone, Laura, Pat and Becky.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer, Cat

Bank Balance Report – Chase statement, check register, income and expense reports were distributed and discussed. Upcoming expenses are SCCQG and website fees due this month. Gayle noted that we might want to consider a larger budget for (general) supplies next year as we’ve almost doubled the budgeted amount for this year. Cat provided the check in advance for the October speaker to Laura as she will not be able to attend.

Rachel and Jessica sent donated quilts to Paradise and they requested to be reimbursed for shipping and related expenses, approximately $30. Laura motioned that they should be reimbursed for the expenses incurred; Jennifer seconded the motion. Motion passed. Becky advised Cat that she will pay the $20 refreshment fee for Casa Blanca library prior to the November and December meeting dates and will send Cat an email confirming the transaction each time. Jennifer was reimbursed for expenses relating to the retreat goodie bags. Jennifer has a couple more treats (sweet) to purchase to complete the bags.

Opportunity Quilt Discussion, Cat

Cat advised that she is slightly behind schedule. However, she will have time to catch up if she works on it at the retreat, and by keeping the quilting simple and sleek, she is confident the quilt will be completed by December 7th, which is the guild’s Christmas party and the Opportunity Quilt kick-off date.

Gayle was unable to get assistance with the ticket printing process from a couple contacts at Nite Owls. We will forge ahead without assistance as the raffle tickets need to be printed in early November or sooner. Simone showed us her raffle ticket mock ups. Currently she is trying to determine the ticket size. She’s guessing that color tickets are not feasible cost-wise. We will keep it simple and stick to black and white. Simone will design the tickets but she still needs to find a company to print them. She has a contact that she has worked with at Staples. Becky will send Simone contact information for Preferred Choice Printing out of Corona as another option. Jennifer will send Simone the link to the shared drive with the IEMQG vectored logo – possibly using it as a background watermark on the raffle tickets.

The question came up of how many tickets should we get printed. We came up with 3,000 tickets as our baseline (500 packets of 6), as ticket prices will be $1/each and $5/6 tickets. Gayle will speak with Leslie from the Ontario Museum to see if we could sell Opportunity Quilt tickets there. If so, we would most likely need to print additional tickets. We also decided to start at ticket # 1000.

We went over the items to be included on the tickets:

Quilt Name: Blurring the Lines

Drawing Date: December 5, 2020

Ticket Price: $1/each and $5/6 tickets

Size: Either “Queen” or Cat will provide actual dimensions

The tab should include space for name, phone number and email if there’s room.

Should state “Do not need to be present to win” and the guilds website address.

Gayle will provide paperwork to the MQG to request an exemption letter to submit when we obtain the required permit from the state of California to sell raffle tickets at Road that will be valid for one year. The cost of the permit is $20. Gayle also mentioned that we need to purchase a quilt stand for displaying the opportunity quilt. Becky motioned to approve buying a new quilt stand for approximately $115; Jennifer seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Fundraising, Laura

Upcoming Sale/Craft Fair Events:

Inventory and pricing at Laura’s home on Sunday, October 6th at 11 am. Currently we have 250 items available for sale. The Christmas items were pulled aside for the Kris Kringle Craft Fair.

Mountain Shadows, Highland – 9 am to 1 pm on October 12th: Laura, Pat and Gayle will work this event. Laura was advised not to overfill the table. There will be a box under the table with items to fill the table as room is available. We’ll have two tables, rectangle and square, a dress form (for purses, etc), and we will be near the railing so we can hang quilts. Laura is planning to have two sections, one for pet related items and the other for baby related items. She is also bringing baskets to display the baby items and dog dishes for the pet items. Gayle will bring a wire rack to display the bibs and a cash box/change. There will be 17 vendors this year (versus 12 last year) and a bake sale. The guild will donate an item for the numerous raffles to be drawn. Admission is free and members will be encouraged to attend at the October meeting.

Kris Kringle Craft Fair, Ontario – Wednesday, December 4th, Gayle, Laura and Pat will work this event. Jen updated the Kris Kringle flyer. Laura will have copies available at the October meeting. Further discussion tabled until the October board meeting.


Upland Library, Laura

Laura asked if we would like to exhibit about 12-14 quilts next March at the Upland Library. However, we would not be agreeable to a providing a lecture/presentation. Laura offered to coordinate the event. We decided to table the discussion until early next year.

Road to California, Atrium Exhibit, Gayle

Gayle informed us that we are about 9 quilts short. We will contact members to see if they can help us out to reach the minimum amount of quilts required. As a reminder, Gayle needs to submit photos of the quilt tops no later than October 15th. Mike will be available at noon at the October meeting and afterwards to take photos. Quilts will be required to have a label and sleeve. The guild will need to purchase clear, heavyweight, 60 gallon contractor bags for the quilts; it is estimated that the bags will hold three quilts. Quilts need to be delivered by January 17, 2020.

Block Lotto, Simone

Simone has agreed to do block lotto again for 2020. It was decided that December will be “dark” and we will start again in January.

Programs, Laura & Becky

October – Elizabeth Eastmond of OPQuilt will be the guest presenter. The lecture will be “An Undercover Traditional Modern Art Quilter”. We will provide two quilt stands, table, podium, and microphone. Becky to follow-up to see if she will need a projector. If so, Laura will bring hers.

Confirmed speakers for 2020:

January 4th: Latifah Saafir

February 1st: Simone Bradford. Simone was given a color wheel in preparation for her presentation. We will have color wheels for everyone in attendance at the meeting.

June 6th: Sandra Johnson

October 3rd: Wendy Knight

Nominations/Election, Gayle

Committee Members: Pat and Lisa

Pat will announce the executive board candidate slate at the October meeting.

Executive Board Candidate Slate:

Gayle Bennett, President

Laura Greene & Becky Brekke, Co-VP of Programs

Candy Scott, Treasurer

Elizabeth Eastmond, VP of Communication

Secretary, OPEN

Membership, Gayle for Judy

The membership form for 2020 was reviewed and no changes are required.

Meeting Locations, Becky

October: Main Library

November: Casa Blanca

December: Casa Blanca

New Business

No new business

Next Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be October 22nd at 6:00 pm at JoAnn in Ontario, CA. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Brekke, Secretary