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May 2018 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
May 5, 2018
Arlanza Public Library
8267 Philbin Ave., Riverside CA

Meeting called to order by President Laura Greene at 2:05

Welcome – Warm-up

“My journey with modern quilts is moving along swimmingly.” The attendees assembled into 3 groups: one that agreed, slightly and disagreed with the previous statement.  That person who spoke about “backsliding”, going back and forth was Sally Hartman from the disagree group and received a gift.

Klatch Coffee Exhibit.  Mini’s to be displayed are due at June meeting for the month of June

display.  Store can fit 16 approximate 12” quilts (100’ perimeter).  It is preferred to have a 9” sleeve or loops for hanging.  Sewing instructions for sleeve on website.  Members may bring Command Strips to hang their quilt.

Committee Reports

Program Announcements (Cat Wallace sub by Laura Greene)
June meeting.  Natalie Barns with pop-up store.
July meeting.  Cat doing transition quilter and spotlight is Trish

Challenge (Gayle Bennett).  You can still pick a song and or buy another song for $5.  No size restriction for the quilt.  Be prepared to explain the relationship of the song title to the quilt in September.  The Song Title Challenge drawing is available during break.

Retreat. October 19, 20, 21.  2 or 3 spots left.  $156.75 (base price).  Paying now locks in spot.  Last sign-up date is August meeting.  Will have a sign-up sheet for food.

Block Lotto (Shelley Wardrop, sub by Carlene Drake) – Raffle tickets are given for 12” Half Square Triangle and next Block Lotto.  64 blocks were submitted from last month.  Winner of last months’ block lotto drawing is Shelly.  The new block lotto is the arrow pattern.  Her instructions reference feathers and that is the angled portions off the shaft and can be found on our website.

Upcycling Event (Becky Brekke) – Sale has been moved to October meeting.  Candy brought in “jar grabbers.”  She made as an example of items we can make to sell.

Refreshments Sign-up (Welcome table Trish).  Sign-ups for the year is complete.

August guest speaker (Laura Greene).  Those that attended Meet the Teachers had the opportunity to meet Shawnee Miller (Thrilling Threads) from Menefee.  She teaches the art technique of threads and ribbons.   She is booked to speak at our August 4 meeting for $150.  Shawnee will also give a hands-on class August 19 at MSMCH for $35 per person (with a minimum of 6 attendees).  Bring machine to August 19 meeting.  See sign-up sheet for August 19 class.

Transitional Quilter (Laura Greene).  First quilt was a 9 patch in 86.  Laura’s quilts were influenced by the various remote places she lived.  As she started to naturally expand and experiment with modern quilting, her works were not accepted by her peers.  While exploring modern quilting, she noticed a progression to a smaller quilt.  Today she realized she is more of an art quilter.  She says “I’m not so modern”.

Break: Visit and Snacks

Spotlight Quilter (Carlene Drake). This month’s spotlight quilter Is Yoshiko Jinzenji.  “Sewing Party,” a quilt on display at QuiltCon, was her “hook” to Yoshiko’s work.  Amish quilts were Yoshiko’s beginning inspirations. While living in Indonesia and Japan, she became interested in dying fabrics and color.  She transitioned to minimalistic colors, working with 2.  She uses a frame to isolate small shapes of color in a print.  Those isolated shapes are then used as blocks in a quilt.  Her patterns are basically traditional quilting patterns but she finds a way to change it up.  Mostly she likes to work with white negative space and how the edge of the white next to a color becomes the interest.

Charity (Aimee French).  27 quilts donated last month.  If you previously donated a quilt, please come forward and let Aimee know your name and she will give you a raffle ticket.  Next month she will have a sign-up sheet when a blanket is donated.

Show and Share


Fat Quarter Raffle (Candace Kimball), Sally

Name Tag Raffle (Welcome Table Trish), Becky

21 in attendance, 1 guest 1 new member

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Candace Kimball

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