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May 2018 Special Board Meeting Minutes

Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild
Special Executive Board Minutes
May 5, 2018, 4:30 PM
Arlanza Public Library
8267 Philbin Ave, Riverside, CA 92503


Present: Laura, Gayle, Becky, Jen, Trish, Candace, Pat, Alisa

Meeting called to order by President Laura Greene at 4:20

Bylaws Review

Article III Section 1. Active Members: #3.  At end of first sentence, after “free of charge” add “and any additional meetings are $5.  Remove the 2nd and 3rd sentences

Article III Section 2. Affiliate Members: #1. Remove “place of”.  #5 Following “dues” add “and or specifications for advertisements or publications”.

Article III Section 3. Student Members: #1. After “enrolled” add “as a full-time student”.

Article III Section 4. Junior Members: #1. At the end of the sentence add “or be in high school age or below”.

Adding a new section to Membership: “Honorary Members” shall be entitled to all benefits of active members; must have been an integral part in the modern movement or an outstanding contribution to the IEMQG.  The member is awarded by the discretion of the board.  Dues are waived (further conversation needs to address: define, state benefits, $)

Motion moved and accepted.

Article IV Section 1. Dues: #2. Remove “February” and replace with “April”.  #4.  Drop this sentence completely.  #5. After “dues” remove the remainder of the sentence and replace with “remain unpaid are dropped in April”.

Article IV Section 2. Fees:  #3. At end of sentence remove “.” and add “as determined by the executive board.

Motion moved and accepted.

Article V will be discussed at next meeting. Topics to be discussed include posting general minutes/board minutes/special board minutes (like by-laws) on website.

Meeting adjourned 5:00

Next meeting May 23 at Joann’s 6:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Candace Kimball

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