Thank You Latifah!

At our June 3rd meeting Latifa Saafir spoke to us about creativity, and different techniques we can use to inspire new, as well as give a kick start to our ideas. It was amazing!

I was inspired from the very minute she started speaking. She asked what is your favorite part of quilting? What makes you the happiest? It is such a simple question and I answered it with something kind of generic at the time. When I thought about it later however, I realized, I really love thinking about the person I am making the quilt for. I imagine them snuggled in the quilt, watching a movie or I picture the quilt beneath a fat baby reaching for a toy on the living room floor. A lot of emotions go into my quilts, in fact I rarely make a quilt just be creative. I had never really thought about my quilting like that until Latifah asked that question. I loved learning that.

If you didn’t get to be there Mike Graves took pictures for us. Thank Mike! Here are three of Latifah’s clam-shell designs. Her use of color fascinates me. And the shapes and designs within the clam-shell designs, are you kidding me? Gorgeous!

We were super lucky that Latifah is fairly local (LA). Because she drove to us, she brought more quilts to show than she usually does. Here are just a few of them.

What about you? How did you answer that question? Did she say anything that got your mind working? Did any of her quilts inspire you?

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