Block Lotto

May/June 2019 Block Lotto – The I.E. (The Improv Effect)

After last month’s foundation paper piecing (FPP) project, I thought it would be good to do something REALLY SIMPLE!

The block for the Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild’s May BLOCK LOTTO is called The I.E. (The Improv Effect.) It’s an easy and quick improv block. This is a great block for using scraps that you’ve been collecting.

STEP ONE: Gather your fabric. To simplify things for the IEMQG BLOCK LOTTO use any low volume fabric for your block and any cool colored fabric for the improv triangle from your stash. I used cool colors such as greens, teals, turquoise, and blues . Here’s a sampling of what I gathered from my stash.

STEP TWO: Cut all your low volume fabric into 6 1/2” squares. I like using a 6 1/2” square ruler for this part. I’m into the no-brainer thing.

STEP THREE: Start with a cool colored scrap of fabric, this will be your improv scrap, and lay it over a corner of your 6.5” block. Make sure the corners of your improv scrap overlap the 6 1/2” block by at least 1/4” inch. Now is a good time to also make sure the improv scrap is big enough to cover the corner. The beauty of this block is that no two blocks need to be the same. With each imrpov scrap you can change the angle and size of the improv triangle. Sew a 1/4” seam along the straight edge of your improv scrap.

STEP FOUR: From the low volume fabric trim off the excess low volume corner fabric that will be covered by the improv scrap. Flip the improv scrap over and press the seam away from the low volume fabric.

STEP FIVE: Using a ruler trim away the excess improv fabric and square up your block keeping it at 6 1/2” square.

There are numerous ways to use The I.E. block in your projects. To keep things simple I organized the blocks by color from lightest in the upper left corner to darkest in the lower right corner.

If you are a member of the IEMQG bring your blocks to our July Monthly Meeting and you can enter our raffle.

Additional pictures and information can be found on my blog.