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Don’t Miss Our June Speaker and Workshop!

Award Winning Fiber Artist, Sheila Frampton Cooper (aka Zoombaby)

We are thrilled to have Los Angeles native, Sheila Frampton Cooper speak to us via Zoom. We will be meeting in-person at Arlanza Library and on Zoom.

When Sheila creates, she revels in the spontaneous. Her free-form process with its surprising twists and turns inevitably delivers her to a place of unfiltered originality where her bold work unapologetically commands attention. she is inspired by the beautiful shapes and colors found in nature as well as the graphic structure of metropolitan cities.

Sheila’s talk “Spontaneous Creation and Inspiration” will be fun and loaded with eye candy! She will go deep into her process, discussing color, inspiration, and the approaches she engages. She’ll share student work, work from other artists, and she’ll show us what makes a piece successful.

Meeting Details: In person and on Zoom, June 4th, 2 pm, Arlanza Library, 8267 Philbin Ave, Riverside, CA 92503. Join early at 1:30 pm for social time.

Sign up for Sheila’s on-line, 2-day Workshop!

In Sheila’s class, Lines and Curves we will explore the mystery and excitement of creating a quilt with little or no plan. We’ll discuss basic design and composition, color and value, quilting, and most importantly, we will learn to trust our instincts. We will combine thick and thin lines with curved pieces and assemble a quilt top in rows. There are infinite possibilities! Sheila will demonstrate construction techniques for sewing curved seams and discuss some of the challenges we may run into with spontaneous design and piecing.

Class Details: $45 for members, $55 for non-members. July 3rd and 10th, 10 am to 1 pm. Pay via PayPal. Email us with questions at

To learn more about Sheila Frampton Cooper and this workshop visit

Its our Birthday!

Join us in person if you can because we’re celebrating!

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Upcoming August 2021 Meeting

Our guest speaker for our August 7th meeting is Berene Campbell, aka Happy Sew Lucky.  Berene is a Modern Quilt Guild member from Vancouver B.C. and has published several paper piecing patterns. She is best known for her charitable projects. She will speak about a mini-mod block swap for our guild. As a few of us recently participated in David Owen Hastings “Mini-Mid Mod Quilt” workshop, this will be an excellent opportunity to continue making these little gems!

The Mini-Mod Block Swap

The Mini Mod Swap was originally designed by Berene Campbell (aka Happy Sew Lucky) as a project for guilds to use to help members connect with each other during the pandemic. It is an optional swap in which participants make mini blocks for each other, based on a modern aesthetic.  Once received, each person chooses what to make with their blocks, so you can really get creative and have fun with your fellow guild members while you’re at it. There is also a charity component to the swap, with proceeds going towards the Handmade Collective Awards – a scholarship fund set up for for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students. 

For a small fee, swap participants will receive a full set of free Mini Mod block patterns and will be grouped into color families, warms, cools, and neutrals,  Each group of 5 or so makes five blocks for each group member (25 total). These mini blocks are super fast and fun to make, and are perfect for completing small projects like bags, thread catchers, and pillows.

Sneak peak!

Join us next week to hear more in-depth details on this swap!

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June 2021 Guild Meeting

The Guild had the pleasure of having David Owen Hastings as our guest speaker for the June meeting. His lecture was entitled, “Minimal Design, Maximum Impact”.

A little about David’s history: David lives in Sequim, Washington, he was the 2020 President of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, he’s a quilter, graphic designer, and a print and textile artist. His modern aesthetic is by far minimalism.

PART I – HISTORY OF MODERN QUILTING: David provided the definition of Modern Quilting as bold, simple designs; high contrast areas; expansive use of negative space; and large scale minimalism. He provided several examples of early influences and influencers such as Amish Quilts, Quilts of Gee’s Bend, Gwen Marston, Nancy Crow, Yoshiko Jinzenji, Denyse Schmidt, Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle, the Flickr group: Fresh Modern Quilts, and the founders of the MQG, Alissa Haight Carlton and Latifah Saafir.

PART II – INSPIRATION: David introduced us to three (3) modern quilters who have inspired him – Carson Converse, Erick Wolfmeyer and Pamela Wiley.

PART III – PROCESS: David’s recipe for successful minimalism are elegantly sophisticated, variations on a theme, simple, bold palette and quietly impactful. Dave ended with design concepts to keep in mind: spare, simple compositions for a clean, modern look. He said something that we need to hear at times, “when in doubt, take it out” to achieve your modern design concept.

David provided an overview of his lectures and workshops. There are some links below on how to join a few of them.


Happy Birthday IEMQG

The guild celebrated it’s 5th birthday! Members wore their party hats (even David) in commemoration! We had the honor of having our founding President and current member, Michele Nichols, take us down memory lane with her presentation entitled, “How the IEMQG was Born”. Thank you Michele!! (see the website for a blog post dedicated to Michele’s presentation).


JUNE 12TH WORKSHOP: There are still 6 spots available for David Owen Hastings workshop “Mini Mid-Mod Quilts” on Saturday, June 12th from 2pm – 5 pm. Contact Laura Greene for details.

MEET & EAT: We have a Meet & Eat scheduled for Saturday, July 17, 2021. We’ll be meeting from 11 am to 3 pm. Bring your lunch, show and shares, a chair and join in with friends at Shamel Park, Riverside. Please note there may be a location change to the Casa Blanca Library. If this changes, you will be notified at the next meeting and/or via email.

SURVEY: A survey was emailed to all members last week. Please complete by Thursday, June 10th. Results will be revealed at our next guild meeting in July.

RETREAT: The November 8th – 10th retreat at Vina de Lestonnac in Temecula is full. If you’d like to be placed on the wait list, please contact Barbara Mathews.

***Links as referenced in David Owen Hastings’ lecture for future reference:***


Souls Grown Deep Foundation — Gees Bend Quilters

Flickr – Fresh Modern Quilts

Book – Modern Quilts, Designs of the New Century


Carson Converse

Carson Converse at Quilt National (youtube)

Erick Wolfmeyer

Seven Quilts by Erick Wolfmeyer: gallery walk through (youtube)

Pamela Wiley

Pamela Wiley with West Elm (youtube)


David Owen Hastings — Open Enrollment Workshops & Lectures

David Owen Hastings — Instagram


Northwind Art

Minnesota Quilters Show (search for “Hastings”)

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

See you next month!!

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Upcoming June Meeting – David Owen Hastings

We are sew excited to have David as our featured speaker next month! He will be presenting his lecture, “Minimal Design, Maximum Impact”. David is a modern quilter, graphic designer, print and textile artist, and was the 2020 President of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. He creates richly layered contemporary artwork and modern minimal quilt and textile designs. For over 20 years, David has exhibited his stitched paper artwork in galleries and juried shows and worked exclusively with nonprofit organizations on their branding and communications.

David’s creative approach to modern quilting has led to a busy schedule of workshops and lectures on quilting, branding for artists, fine art and textile techniques. Sharing knowledge, encouraging creativity, and teaching new skills are personal passions. He also loves to travel, especially in Asia, and enjoys sharing his experiences and inspiration through travel photos and stories.

David will also be conducting a workshop on Saturday, June 12th from 2pm -5pm called “Mini Mid-Mod Quilts”:

Work small, work smart, look great.

These charming little quilts are inspired by Mid-Century Modern design, and are a great skill-building project to learn a number of quilting techniques.

You’ll start with a simple, modern color palette of neutral fabrics with a flash of color. Clean lines combined with simple design give each tiny composition a sophisticated feeling. Since we are working very small, this is a great project for using small scraps and bits of special fabric. There are still spots available for this workshop for both members and non-members. The fee is $40 and can be paid via PayPal as described below. Please join us for an afternoon that won’t disappoint!

In the meantime, check out his website for inspiration prior to our meeting on June 5th. You can also find him on Facebook (David Owne Hastings) and Instagram as @davidowenhastings.

Guests are welcome!!! Guest fee of $5 for non-members can be paid via PayPal to no later than June 4th. The Zoom link will be sent prior to the meeting. If you are unfamiliar with making a payment via PayPal, here’s a helpful link.

Reminder: Please note there will be no Show & Share at this meeting and we will continue with Lynn Hanna’s ‘What is a Modern Quilt’ series in July.

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Upcoming February Meeting – Sandra Johnson

You don’t want to miss our first featured speaker of the year – Sandra Johnson! She is a talented textile artist known for her use of repurposing denim, hand stitching, big stitch esthetics, and making quilt wearables. Sandra is presenting her lecture “Modern Quilts”. She will explore how modern quilt design, like modern art, employs design elements such as minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work. In the meantime, check out her website for inspiration prior to our meeting on February 6th. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram as Sandra Johnson Designs.

Guests are welcome!!! Guest fee of $5.00 for non-members can be paid via PayPal to no later than Friday, February 5th. The Zoom link will be sent prior to the meeting.

Update: If you are unfamiliar with making a payment via PayPal, here’s a helpful link.

See you there!

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August 2020 General Meeting, via Zoom

Our program for our August Zoom meeting was: “My Best Binding” presented by Laura Greene. The program covered tips and techniques for perfecting bindings for judging. The techniques include continuous binding, bias-grain, flange binding, and back facing. Laura made us a PDF handout, which you can download as a PDF file:

Tool Time: September IEQMG Program
Our IEMQG Regular Meeting for September will be discussions of your favorite tool for quilting. We all have favorite devices for sewing that assist in more effective and efficient work. We all have ways that we use our favorite implements. Is your quilting tool a common one or a specific one or an unusual one? Our program will consist of sharing our favorite and important tools that we use while creating our quilts. Please send in a picture and short description of your favorite tool that you use. 
Take a picture of your important quilting tool and then type a description of how it is important. Include your name, the tool’s name, how it is used, why it is so important, and any variations that may make it versatile. Then post it on an email to with the subject line, “tool time.” Please send images by September 3, 2020.

Early in 2020

One of the sweet joys of getting together at our Guild Meetings is to talk about our lives, share successes and sorrows, and just catch up with each other. During this quarantine time, we’d like to try to replicate that by exploring some topics on our blog with you. We are hoping you might like to participate by writing us an email with some of your thoughts about the topic we’ll post. The full listing of themes and topics are found at the end of this post. Open up your email and shoot us a few lines, as we’d like to hear what you think, our friends and fellow quilters. Thanks!

And now…our Show and Share from our recent meeting!

We also had a large showing of quilts this time for Show and Share, all of which follow. Thank you to all who sent in photographs and remembered to send your details, too!

Quilt Maker: Lynn Hanna
Quilt Title: Summer Flutters By
Quilt Details: I wanted to use only scraps and make a curved wedge improv piece. This is what happened. The background pieces and the pale turquoise were from larger pieces, but everything else was tiny bits the probably could have gone in the trash. Maybe I should have called it “From Trash to Treasure?”

Quilt Maker: Sharon Berg
Quilt Title: Bird House Swap
Quilt Size: 55-1/2″ square.
Quilt Details: This was a Pass Patchers Quilt Guild June 2017 swap that I long arm quilted this in June 2020.   

Quilt Maker: Sharon Berg
Quilt Title: Summer Sherbert Float
Quilt Size: 66″ by 80″
Quilt Details: I just finished piecing this in June-July 2020. This was inspired by my favorite treat when my thirty something children were born in the hot months of July and August. This was the first time I used a layer cake.   

Quilt Maker: Sharon Berg
Quilt Title: Back, White AND RED
Quilt Size: 54″ by 70″
Quilt Details: This was a Pass Patchers Quilt Guild June 2020. This measures 54″by 70″  using my stash. I always wanted to make a quilt of these colors…opportunity called.

Quilt Maker: Gayle Bennett
Quilt Title: The Zombie Quilt
Quilt Size: 44 inches wide by 48 long.
Quilt Details: This was quilted using the chevron design from Jacquie Gering’s Walk Book. It incorporates reverse stitching.

Quilter: Kim Wingert
Quilt Size: 84 inches square–I had trouble finding a place to hang it! 
Quilt Details: I saw this in a magazine a few years ago and wanted to try working with only triangles. It was 2” too big for my long arm, so it was quilted by Carla Oreskovich. 

Quilter: Debi Gardner
Quilt Title: Nola Weaving

I showed the image of a weaving at the New Orleans Museum of Art at our Zoom Guild meeting, where fibers were dyed with Mississippi River silt at different tides and seasons. This is my interpretation of that piece, and it was made for the Desert Guilds quilt show “Out of the Box” challenge in 2020.

Quilter: Sarah Sass
Quilt Details: This quilt I made from the AGF line Dew and Moss and was made using the pattern Gnomsville which I downloaded from the AGF website. I quilted it using the pattern Oleander. I’m especially proud of this quilt because Art Gallery Fabrics shared it on their website. Sarah is one of our newest members, and is a long arm quilter who is open for business!

Full listing of Topics — We want to hear from you!! Please send your thoughts to There are two for each month throughout the rest of this year, so if you can’t write about one, maybe you can write about the other. They will publish mid-month, so that means we only have two weeks until the first questions. Please submit!

  • [AUGUST] Did you register for QuiltCon Together?  What classes did you go for?  What are you looking forward to?  What concerns do you have about a distanced QuiltCon?  Did you register for Road to California?  What concerns do you have for that show?
  • [AUGUST] How many of you know someone, or been affected directly by Covid-19, either through the virus itself, or if you are a part of the medical profession, or work in education, or other Essential Services?
  • [SEPTEMBER] How has your fabric shopping changed since Covid-10 hit?  Do you do more online shopping?
  • [SEPTEMBER] Has it been harder or easier to sew since the quarantine?  Both? Neither? In what way?
  • [OCTOBER] What Zoom classes have you taken?  How did the Zoom class work for you?  What were some of the advantages?  Disadvantages?
  • [OCTOBER] What Zoom Guild Meetings have you attended?  What were the highlights?  What were the things that were tiresome?
  • [NOVEMBER] What do you miss most about your “other, normal” life?  Travel?  Idle browsing in Target?  Going out in the car to see whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted?
  • [DECEMBER] What has been the best part of this quarantine?  What life lessons have you learned?  What surprising gifts have come your way, due to the shut-down? What will you NOT pick up again when this is all over?  
  • [JANUARY] Have you made a Covid-19 quilt?  If so, send photos?  Have you seen an interesting Covid-19 quilt?  Again, send photos, and the source. Since this one is in January, maybe you want to start a quilt that depicts this time in our lives? Some ideas are to make a quilt with words (social distancing, flatten the curve, etc.), or one that has elements of the virus’ shape (see below). Maybe you have your own feeling about this time, and want to express in a non-traditional quilt. Look forward to January, when we talk about, and maybe see, quilts from the covid-era.

Free downloadable pattern by Becky Goldsmith, of Piece o’ Cake Designs.

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March 7, 2020 • Meeting Prep for Hands-on Lecture

Our meeting for March 7th will be a hands-on English Paper Piecing (EPP) lecture by Elizabeth Eastmond, of We’ll make a small Dresden plate mini-mini quilt, using scraps from our stash. This is a shortened version of a class she teaches in the Southern California area, so come and learn English Paper Piecing!

Kit fee for this hands-on lecture is $3–please bring exact change, if possible.

Things for you to bring:
1– 5″ x 3″ scraps of fabric in 12 rainbow hues; this will give you a chance to reinforce Simone’s lecture from last month
2–Background fabric scraps (see the dark fill-in around the rainbow points, below) Avoid batiks. They are hard to needle, and often don’t like to ease into place. Another brand I avoid is Art Gallery as their fabric base is similar to a batik. (Both are wonderful for regular quilting, though!)
3–Basic Sewing Supplies: needle, neutral thread (or ring of bobbins in all different colors), scissors and a thimble if you use it. Some also like to use thread conditioner when they hand sew. If you do, bring that as well.
4–Fabric gluestick. I’ll have regular gluesticks available for purchase, but fabric gluesticks are narrower width and water-soluble, too. I like the Fons and Porter brand as it’s less sticky; it is sold at JoAnn’s. Start looking for it now, as they often run out.
5– Kit fee of $3.00–please bring exact change.
6–Paper scissors, for cutting apart your pattern.

Our meeting time is 2 p.m. and it will be in the downtown Riverside Public Library, in Riverside, CA. See the calendar for more info.

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Upcoming February 2020 Meeting

At our next guild meeting Simone Bradford will be giving us a talk about color, value and help us learn the difference is. She’ll teach us the basics of the color wheel, and everyone will receive a color wheel to practice with and take home. Simone has a degree in Graphic Arts and used that to design a recent collection of fabric for Paintbrush Studios. You won’t want to miss her inspiration with color, designs, and of course, quilting. See you there! 

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Upcoming Meeting – A Note From Laura

Exciting things are heading our way!  Simone Bradford, a fabric designer, will be our Spotlight Quilter at our next meeting on July 7th. I’m excited about Simone’s presentation, since she is one of our own.

How does a fabric designer think? Progress? Become successful? You will not want to miss Simone’s talk!  She got her start designing fabric in 2016 at a Lizzie House class at QuiltCon and is sharing her journey.

It’s time for us to get inspired! Her program will include 1) her quilting progression before quilt art designing, 2) her foreign art focus, and 3) her process of selecting colors and patterns for her new fabric line. She is also bringing fabric, etc. for her pop-up shop so you can buy her products during our social break. To get excited, you can download her free pattern and see what she is all about from her website,

We hope to see you all there!

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Coming in August – Lecture & Workshop with Shawnee Miller

The IEMQG is thrilled to offer both a lecture and a workshop by Shawnee Miller.  Shawnee Miller is a thread educator-lecturer-quilt teacher-historian & longarm quilter.

Shawnee will be at our August 4th General Meeting from 2 pm-4 pm at the Grand Terrace Civic Center sharing her Thrilling Threads lecture with us.  Come and bring a friend, even if you’re not a member, you’ll love it. (visitor fee $5)

But wait, that’s not all! Once you hear the lecture you’re going to want to sign up for the Thrilling Threads workshop taking place on August 19th (12 pm-4 pm at the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community Center).  A map/directions can be found on our calendar. The workshop is $35 which includes all of your class supplies, just bring your machine in good working order and your machine’s accessories/presser feet.

Click on the links below and check out Shawnee’s Thrilling Threads Blogspot and Pintrest pages, they’re so…’Pintrest-ing’