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March 2018 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
March 3, 2018
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Historical Council Room; Ontario Museum of History & Art
225 S Euclid Ave, Ontario, CA 91762

Meeting was called to order at 1:05 PM

Welcome – Warm-up:
“I currently make more modern quilts than traditional?”
The meeting split into 4 groups ranging from: I do modern quilts to I never do modern quilts. They held a discussion about current projects. The question was presented: Then who in each group made 2 quilts within the past 3 months consisting of a large and a small quilt. Lynn was winner.

Committee Reports:
Programs (Cat Wallace)
Upland Library Women’s History Month: Nevertheless, She Persisted March 14th at 6:00 pm – Quilts were brought to the meeting for display in the library. Members are welcomed to attend.
July Program – In need of a Spotlight Quilter Presentation. Looking for a transitional quilter or spotlight quilter for month of July

Challenges (Gayle Bennett)
April Program – Negative Space Due – Curated by Linda Rasmussen.
Song Title Challenge. Drawing songs today. Your name and chosen song will be placed on a list for safe keeping. For $5 you can replace that song with another song.

Block Lotto (Shelley Wardrop) – Kites were the block lotto. Winner is Jennifer Adams. Next month is a dark month, no block lotto.

Sit & Sew Announcement (Trish Williams)– April 22nd 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Mountain Shadows. Bring a side/dessert and pizza will be ordered. Call Trish Williams for admittance to park.

Upcycling Event (Becky Brekke) – Event has become the August meeting at Mountain Shadows. The community will be invited. Please start bringing to meetings donations to sell like sewing notions, magazines, books and fabric. With the fabric, if you can indicate the yardage that would help Becky a lot. There will also be a donation table of gifts already made, IE coasters, quilts. There will be a baked goods table. This is IEMQG’s 2018 fundraiser.

Refreshments Sign-up (Pat Klassen). Still has 4 months she needs volunteers for: 1 in Sept, 1 in Oct and 2 in Nov.

Attendance: 4 new guests, 2 new members.

Break: Visit and Snacks

Ontario Museum. Leslie Matamoros, Assistant Curator briefly spoke and mentioned at the front desk is an email sign-up sheet for notifications of events at the museum. She mentioned the museum may need quilts to hang in their facility.

Evie Rienstra shared Painted Ladies Quilt Shop in Redlands is up for sale.

Making Meaning of QuiltCon Quilts (Lynn Hanna): At QuiltCon Lynn signed up for a class called Making Meaning: A Workshop in Idea Formulation taught by Heidi Parkes. Heidi gave attendees (prior to the event) items to think about: Images, Fabrics, Patterns, Quilting and Language and in the class took an emotion and filtered it thru each item, what it would look like, how it would/could be expressed. Lynn gave a talk about her experience of looking at the exhibited quilts and try and figure out the meanings of the quilts using the 5 items. In studying the quilts Lynn came to an unscientific analysis of a quilts’ purpose. 57% was exploration, 3% was about the process, 25% was about the record of detail and 15% voiced an opinion. Following with a group discussion, it was shared QuiltCon will not be returning to Pasadena.

Charity (Aimee French). Loma Linda Children’s Hospital really wants teen boy blankets. Any type of blankets. The hospital sees 300 children a week. The smallest size needed is about 2’x3’.

Show and Share:

o Fat Quarters (Candace Kimball). Winner is Candace
o Name Tag (Pat Klassen). Winner is Laura

Bring negative space quilt next month.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Candace Kimball

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